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  • 12 Oct 2017

What Makes A Compelling Attorney Bio?


Attorney bios are one of the most important content pieces you will be putting on your website. This will be the first point of interaction between you and your potential clients. An attorney bio is a document which basically includes information about his schooling, credentials, and experience.

It is the reflection of your achievements and expertise in a summarized form. Creating a compelling bio is not that much difficult as you may assume if you’re really willing to write one. These 6 tips will show you how to create a compelling attorney bio to grab people’s attention and win their trust.


1. Do not Write in Legalese :

Legalese is a term which refers to the typical technical legal language used in the law firm. For a layman, it’s very difficult to comprehend. Remember you’re creating the bio to tell the audience about you. Write your bio keeping them in mind. Don’t use heavy words or jargons that might baffle the reader.

2. Consider your audience :

If you want to create engaging attorney bio, keep your potential clients in your mind. It helps you drive a connection between you and your clients. An impressive and creative attorney bio can really provoke a client to trust you, like you, and hire you for their legal matter. Make all visitors realize that you can help them in finding the best solutions for their cases.

3. Provide concrete information :

Avoid using fluff pieces like “Your welfare is our responsibility” or “I will fight for you”. Mention specific information related to your attorney practice which audiences really want to know.

● Highlight recognition and honors

● Tell about the cases you have worked on

● Include all your certifications

Proof your Bio

4. Proof your Bio :

Once you’ve created your bio, the next step is proofreading. Make a final check to find general spelling errors or grammatical errors and correct them. If you want, you can ask others to make a check. Nothing can threaten your professionalism or profile like a typo. After this, upload your bio online. Do a scan to make sure it is completely suitable on the page.

5. Mention what your audience wants :

Most of the lawyers include only general information like their schooling, certifications, the judges they’ve clerked with, etc. But, this is not what your audiences look for in an attorney’s bio. They check your experience, expertise, work history, testimonials, social accounts, and more to make their final decision. Clients will hire you if and only if, they feel that you match their criteria and can help them in their legal matters.

6. Add a Testimonial :

Testimonials matters a lot in earning trust. Nothing testifies your expertise better than a positive testimonial left by a happy client. Upload the testimonial to show how your clients like you and appreciate your efforts. Great referrals automatically bring referrals to your law business and improve your overall credibility.

These are some of the effective tips to make an attorney bio. Consider these tips to create an impressive bio and direct clients towards your law firm. Bad bio not only impacts attorney but it just ruins the overall reputation of your law firm. Forget about client engagement if you’ve not added the major key points in your bio. Create an impressive attorney bio, earn audience trust, and improve your law firm credibility!

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