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The more productive you are, the happier you are. And of course the vice versa, the happier you are the more productive you are, is also true. You must have experienced the relief and lightness that you feel whenever you are done with a difficult project. The first proposition is easily proved by this. The good vibe or simply a good feeling you have after completing a task. That’s how you know that productive workers are happy workers. No one can refute this. And to proof the second proposition there are recent studies to vouch for. Researchers at the University…

E Commerce Expert
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  • 18 Oct 2018

How to Become an E-commerce Expert

In 2017, e-retail sales accounted for 10.2 percent of all retail sales worldwide. This figure is expected to reach 17.5 percent in 2021. E-commerce is the fastest growing phenomenon in today’s business world. So, it is in no way a shocker that you too are interested in becoming an e-commerce expert. And we have good news for you that it is not much of a difficult task to learn e-commerce and even become an expert on it. At first, let us have a look at what is an e-commerce specialist? It is definitely a person. The AI bots have not…

Whenever life takes us to crossroads, we always try to make the right decisions. Nobody ever wants to be wrong or make wrong decisions in life no matter how small the consequences may be. But in our drive to be always right and the fear of mistakes, we may often become overwhelmed by the number of options available to us or by the sheer amount of information to be processed. This situation of getting stuck is known as information paralysis or analysis paralysis. What Is Information Paralysis: Information paralysis or analysis paralysis is a term used to define a situation…

stress management
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  • 09 Oct 2018

What Are the Five Stress Management Techniques?

With professional fields getting more competitive and family life getting challenged by various issues, stress and anxiety have now become a constant companion to our daily lives. Amid such strenuous situation, we are asking what are the strategies for managing stress and we are turning towards newer and scientifically proven ways of stress management. Here, we will know how to manage stress through five scientifically proven, tried and tested stress management activities. Reframe Perspective: It is a normal tendency of the human mind to get fixed at the negatives whenever something stressful comes our way. But the trick is to…

Healthy Family Habits 
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  • 05 Oct 2018

What Are the Healthy Family Habits 

Once in a while, you might have seen such families who just seem to be perfect. And you wonder how can you make your family healthy and happy all the times like them. Frankly speaking, it is not that hell of a difficult task if you can amass a little bit of patience. Also, you will not have to bring about massive changes in your family lifestyle. Just a bit of change here and a tweak there can make a huge difference. Here we will get to learn some of those healthy family habits for a healthy family lifestyle. Spend…

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  • 14 Sep 2018

How Long Does a Class Action Lawsuit Take?

There is no fixed timeline for any kind of lawsuits. Any lawsuit can take from months to years depending on the complicacies and number of parties involved. A class action lawsuit is no different in this regard. It can take less than a year to up to three or more years to get settled depending on the intricacies of the case and the number of parties involved with it. What Is a Class Action Lawsuit? A class action lawsuit is a kind of litigation where one of the parties consists of a group of people. This group of people is…

An organization is a place where many people from various backgrounds work together for a common goal and making a living. An organization is where many people share the same dream and a shared future. So, culture of an organization means actually some very deep things and have a much meaningful impact on lives related to that organization. What defines Organizational Culture? Company culture definition or the culture of your company is defined by the principles, beliefs, values and ideologies you hold as your company’s organizational touchstones. It is an overall inner atmosphere that you can feel within you and want to see in each of your…

Productivity at the Workplace
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  • 05 Jul 2018

10 Ways to Improve Productivity at the Workplace

Remember, it is not a rocket science to be productive at work. With a few small practices and tips, you can achieve it easily. Being productive in the workplace means making the best use of your resources and time to meet your consumers' demands perfectly. Nevertheless, spending long hours working in the office is not enough to bring productivity. You need to be smarter as well. If you’re one of those business owners who constantly look for ways to improve productivity at a workplace, you have come to the right place. We have put together top 10 tips to enhance…

What skills are needed to run a business successfully? Well, there are many! Running your own business is not a piece of cake. You need to work hard and wear all sorts of different hats. Usually, in startups, there are a few employees working which means most of the responsibility of work is on the shoulders of small business owners only. In this post, we are going to read about the important business skills needed to run a business smoothly and efficiently. Let’s get started- Business Skills Definition To run any business, big or small, you need certain skills. These…

Tips for Successful Remote Working
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  • 28 Jun 2018

Best Tips for Successful Remote Working

Also known as teleworking or telecommuting, remote working is a situation in which an employee carries out his duties from outside of an office. For a lot of people, working remotely is not less than a wish fulfillment. After all, it keeps them away from office politics and allows them to work on their own pace. How to Start Working Remotely Gradually, remote working is becoming common in several industries. If you also want to start working remotely, it is necessary that you find your ideal lifestyle through working remotely. In this post, we are going to help you achieve that.…