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In the past three years, we have witnessed a major buzzword called as industry influencers in the marketing sector. Whether it is the small company you talk about or the big one, everyone seems to use personal influencer marketing strategy as a tool to promote their brand. The influencer marketing is truly a godsend, especially when people are turning a blind eye to pop-up ads and billboards. Since the strategy is strictly based on the consumer interaction, it’s a great deal to strengthen the brand awareness organically. Who Are the Personal Influencers? They are the regular people like me and…

Building business referral networking groups and throwing business referral group meetings are an integral part of generating a constant flow of referrals for your business. Every businessman, who is conscious of the power of referrals in terms of business growth, naturally strives to organize and attend referral group meetings as much as possible to meet new people and to grow their referral base. But the situation becomes a bit difficult for most of them when they try to invite people to their referral group meetings. For most of us, inviting people to a business referral group meeting often seems like…

Client Conversion
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  • 05 Sep 2018

Most Important Questions for Client Conversion

Although it is very difficult to trace back any sale to a single contributing factor, the first meetings with the potential clients are definitely one of the most important things that make or break a deal for your business. Those first meetings are very interesting too in terms of the issues that are going on in your mind. You may be nervous as you want to make sure to have that perfect first impression. You also want to put forth all the relevant details that represent your brand. Besides, you want to ask all the right questions to know more…

marketing is not working
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  • 04 Sep 2018

What to Do When Your Marketing Isn’t Working?

Every business, be it big, small or a startup, needs marketing. Marketing done right makes a huge difference and can potentially determine the success of a company, product or service. But it seems that you are not satisfied with the state of results that you are getting out of your marketing campaigns. No matter which marketing platform you choose and pour how much cash into it, it just seems to fall short of generating results. So, what can you do when your marketing is not working? How to find out the things you are doing wrong? Which best marketing tips…

Startup Business
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  • 03 Sep 2018

Stop Calling Your Small Business a ‘Startup’

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation in the world of business surrounding the terms startup and entrepreneur. Lots of people use these terms without knowing exactly what is a startup and who is an entrepreneur. Sometimes, the person who is starting a small business is often termed as an entrepreneur and the small business is wrongly labelled as a startup. But having a clear idea about these terms and the difference between a startup and small business is crucial for both the person who is starting a small business or that entrepreneur who is thinking of founding a…

What would be your ambition if you have a small business? Obviously, to expand and make it bigger. However exciting this aspiration may seem to you, there are advantages and disadvantages of business expansion. While disadvantages are often outweighed by the advantages, it is important to not to neglect either of the two aspects. let’s dive into it. Advantages: ● Addition of new talent: - One of the clear advantages of business expansion is you are going to hire all new staff with qualified people. The talented personnel take your business to the new heights by contributing with their skills. These people…

Let’s face it, whether you own a small business or a large enterprise, you need a business attorney to handle all legal issues associated with your business. An attorney acts as a backbone of a business and protects you from any legal mess. However, choosing a business attorney needs precise consideration and knowledge. Remember, a family lawyer will not fight your business case. So, before heading towards the main topic, you should know who is a business attorney and what kind of lawyer do you need. Who Is a Business Attorney? When it comes to the regulations and operation of a…

Business Globe
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  • 14 Aug 2018

How to Go Global with Your Business?

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you finish establishing your business nationally? “Let’s go global”, right? You look for the international business expansion strategy that opens your ways towards success. If you are ready to burn all the bridges to go globally with your business, check out some of the hardcore tactics to expand it across the world; ● Strong foundation Many people often get confused about what is an international expansion strategy? No Rocket science here! When you decide to take your business at the global level, you will come across various hurdles like the language barrier, cultural barrier,…

Management Skills
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  • 10 Aug 2018

Types of Management Skills and Ways to Improve

Managing a group of people is a crucial skill that you must possess in order to stay undeterred and to lead the organization for the greatest payoffs. Technical, conceptual and interpersonal are the types of management skills that are vital to a company’s success. Do you have expertise in all the required skills (technical, conceptual and interpersonal) to run an organization successfully? If you do, and if you are looking for the ways to improve your managerial skills, here are the ways to polish them. Broadcast your definitive vision: As per the old management format, employees were meant to be paid for accomplishing the…

Financial Sector
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  • 03 Aug 2018

Role of Financial Sector in Economic Development

In the system of a financial sector, funds flow from the upper quadrant to the lower quadrant. Usually, those who have a surplus amount of funds, invest their finances in the market for the better yield. The fund flows down to those who are in need of it and therefore, this is how they make their living. Now, this is the layman explanation of how the financial sector expands the economy of a nation. To go deep into the subject and to know how the financial sector really works, you need to understand the market. Marketing is a fully functional and disciplined…