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  • 17 Mar 2017

What Is the Difference between Traditional Attorney Referral Services and NetProReferral

There are attorney referrals services for each and every state bar associations out there. There are also some specific attorney referral services for specialized legal referrals online. And then there is where attorneys get referred by other expert legal professionals around them.

So, What is the Major Difference Between the Traditional Attorney Referral Services and

Let us find out the answer

Whenever you embark on the journey of finding a lawyer usually what comes first in your mind is having an attorney referred to you by your local bar association’s attorney referral program. So, you become a member and give the details of your case and based on your case specifics the association refers you to a lawyer that they think would be the best fit for your specific legal situation. Here you do not get much of a scope to choose nor any prior insight into the skills, experience, and expertise of the lawyer you are being referred to. Although some of the attorney referrals services may offer you a free consultation prior to the final deal that often may not be enough.

Exactly that’s where comes into this lawyer finding activity. Yes, with NetProReferral you get much more than any of the traditional attorney referrals services or programs.


Firstly, you get a lot more options to choose from. Basically, by having a single search on the NetProReferral database you get a list of all the expert lawyers in your locality.


Secondly, you get a detailed view on each and every of the lawyer’s practice. You get to see their full profile containing their prior legal activities, experience, skills and other specialization. Thus, it gives you a much higher vantage point than the traditional attorney referral services while you find a lawyer for your legal situation.


Thirdly, in NetProReferral every professional is judged and evaluated by the quality and authentic referrals they get from others legal professional experts and thought leaders. So, along with getting a clear view into their practice you also get the real-time view of how many other legal experts have laid their trust on them and have referred them to you.


Fourthly, from NetProReferral you get the broadest scope to choose more freely and with much more confidence. Most importantly, you can do all these by yourself. No need to take help from the people working at the backend of the traditional attorney referral services that you do not know and see.

So, whether you are finding a lawyer for you or for your organization NetProReferral is the place to go. Choose you superstar legal assistance with your own hand with utmost clarity and authenticity!

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