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Mission Statement

To be the on-line go-to site for those needing professional services and those offering professional services, we will offer high quality and integrity information and service to our site members and visitors. We will create achoice working environment where honesty, integrity, respect, fairness, kindness, service and contribution are our business principles.

 Service Structure

We have created such a database and a search engine from where you get connected with the expert professionals in your locality within minutes!

And get the real pros based on their referrals from all the other experts around them. No fake or biased reviews. Only experts referring experts. This makes our channel of targeting the professional you need hundred percent authentic and at the same time professional.

Our member professionals open up their profiles with Net Pro Referral and start inviting and referring other professionals to refer them back. The pros get referred only by experts who know the realities of the situations and know their real worth in the field or profession. No scope for anybody to taint the career with petty reviews out of ignorance or other sort of personal biasedness. Only referrals from other professional experts who know the job and know the intricacies of the field.

The professional rankings are done based on a quality score which is a function of profile content of the members as well as the profile strength of their referrals. This leaves you with the opportunity of finding out only the best professionals who are highly esteemed within their own field of work.

Whether you are a company seeking for your next superstar employee or just an individual in need of help with some task or job. From gardening and plumbing to dentistry or accounting whatever may be you need help with. Have a single search and get the best nearby experts by your side!

Our Vision

Our goal is to offer a high quality and integrity source of information that would serve the public as means to identify professional members referred by other professional members based on qualifications such as education, experience and expertise. We have created a choice working environment where honesty, integrity, respect, fairness, kindness, service and contribution are the guiding principle.  

The Net Pro Difference

Finding just the expert you need for professional services you need becomes easier than ever with Net Pro Referral.

Just search for the type of professional you need and specify your locality. Get all the pros in the area in one single place ranked and listed in line with their referrals.

No more worries regarding fake or biased reviews nor any fear of being harassed by some unknown reviewer!

You get real and get authentic with Net Pro Referral Inc.!

Our Team

Alireza Baktashian - Founder, CEO also leads the high performance Net Pro Referral team of more than 60 contributors/contractors.

Yatish Maharaj - CFO - Accounting and Finance. Member of the board of directors.

Alina Baktashian - Corporate Secretary - CEO at VestInAm, Inc. Member of the board of directors.

Doug Slain - Legal Expert and Advisor. Partner, Private Placement Advisors, LLC. Member of board of directors.

Tom Litchfield - Data Analyst. Partner, Private Placement Advisors, LLC

Board of Directors

Alireza Baktashian (Chairman), Yatish Maharaj, Alina Baktashian, Doug Slain

Nima Mokhlesi - Advisor to the Board of Directors (Technology). Senior Principle Engineer at Sandisk Corp. Author of 140 patents.

Majid Hosseini - Advisor to the Board of Directors (Data Analysis). Senior Data Scientist at Staple Innovation Lab.

Founders Biography

Alireza Baktashian is a veteran Silicon Valley business generalist with extensive and diverse technology and non-technology business development and management experience. This balanced mix of interest, skills and experience has prepared Ali to lead larger and more advanced teams needed for a sizable company.

Currently, Ali is leading the effort with over 60 global contributors. is envisioned to be a prominent site for professional search and referral through its patent pending internet technology. Ali is currently building Net Pro Referral, Inc's management team, board of directors and technical advisors from several Silicon Valley contributors. He is raising seed funds through crowdfunding and VC connections.

Professional Experience

12 years of experience in development, management and strategic leadership of several small business units (VestInAm, Inc and A Plus Auto Service Center, Inc) including a successful Comfort Keepers franchise operation currently providing in-home care services in Silicon Valley and Peninsula.

15 years of management, engineering and corporate quality and reliability experience in five technology companies.

Also developing other networking and search on-line concepts.

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Internet Engineering
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