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  • 31 Oct 2017

Know the 3 R’s for Generating More Referrals


Gaining referrals is a crucial part of any business and can be very hard as well in some cases. But there are few hacks which can ensure more referrals if followed correctly. One of the most important among those hacks is, to know and practice the three R’s for generating more referrals. The 3 R’s of referral business are Relationship, Referral and Reach. Keep these three R’s for referrals in mind, and your referral business will become much easier.


‘Relationship’ as the first R of generating referrals indicates towards the relationship between the referred and the referrer. In order to attain referrals, this relationship is pivotal. The referred-referrer relationship should consist of two basic things, mutual need and trust. Your client will be aware of your need for referrals. You will know the clients’ wants and desires for bonus points and commissions for services. Clients should trust you enough to refer you to their friends and family. On the other hand, you will also trust that they would refer you without hesitation when the time comes. Having this type of clear, comprehensive and strong relations with your referral sources is a must.


Sometimes giving referrals can be a job as hard as gaining them. It is a risky job. The clients who give referrals always have the well-being of the people who trust them in mind. Nobody wants to take risk with the needs of their friends and family. It is the business owners’ job to provide them with confidence. Assure your clients or the people who can give you referrals, that is the potential referrers about your services. They should have confidence in you and your business. You can rely on good referral sites for this purpose. One such referral site is Net Pro Referral (NPR). Net Pro Referral is a professional referral site that allows clients choose from hundreds of referrals. Due to its popularity with clients, it can be your first choice while choosing a referral site. You can exchange referrals with various professionals at this site. Clients tend to go for professional referrals more than any others. Keeping this in mind make the best use of NPR for the second R of referral!


Be reachable. It’s hard to get referrals when your reach-ability is low. Be reachable to clients for services and professionals for referrals. Arrange and attend various events and programs to create a reputation within your business vicinity. Be available on different social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Be a part of pages and groups having links to the kind of services you provide and the kind of people you work with. Make yourself and your businesses prominent in your section of work so that more people can give you referrals.

Follow the three R’s mentioned above in order to generate more referrals and increase your business. Build relationships, cultivate referrals, and reach out proactively to prospects and referral sources rather than waiting for them to find you. This way you will never feel the lack of referrals and new business coming your way!

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