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  • 14 Nov 2017

How to Get More Referrals from Your Database

get more referrals from your database

Getting referrals is not an easy task. But hey, it ain’t that hard either. With as high as 2.4 million brand-related conversations taking place in the online world every day, it becomes imperative that you spend time strategizing about getting referrals from your existing database. To have a snowball effect on your business (or maybe something faster and impacting), getting referrals is crucial to keep the ball rolling.
Building up your database for the right kind of referrals, maintaining consistency of your endeavors, and networking with like-minded people is a great way to ensure enhanced productivity. But it doesn’t stop here. To help you set up the pace for your business to run smoothly in all kinds of situations, follow the three R’s of referrals to witness a surge in your referrals organically-

Reassess, Rebuild & Refine your database

When you are onto the first step towards creating more referrals from your database, the first and foremost thing of importance is reassessing of what you already have. Whether it is from the people you already know or targeting prospective clients or customers, reassessing of what you have is a must. Your database must be clear and segmented on what kind of targeting is to be done to meet the expected goals. It should be assessing your present position by asking for feedback, coding your client responses, segmenting feedback and present position of your business to make things clear ab initio once again.

Text Messages, Email System, Phone Calls, Facebook lookalike audience, Facebook Private Messages, Instagram, Videos, email listing and Tweeting (and more) are your referral venues. Rebuilding on them is a mandatory step to take when you are building yourself again to achieve getting more referrals. Digital Intelligence Today reports 92% of people trusting a company on the basis of peer recommendation. And LinkedIn as the fastest growing Business profile social site is a definite yes because of its credibility and reach. Say for example your firm is keen to have a CRM assessment, and you employed a one-to-one personalized mode of attention on your customers. You start bonding with the clients when you present yourself as an attentive company who rewards its customers for their loyalty and engages with them organically. You database tend to get refined as the process goes on and you start getting referrals when you become more reliable with a personalized touch.

Reform, Restructure and Resonate

As mentioned earlier, rewarding your customers for their honest feedback is a great way to reform yourself and bounce higher in the market. Contributing to publishing your case studies and results, keeping things transparent from all the sides, and polishing on your services offered and specialty, are some of the stepping stones to reform yourself. Getting referrals becomes easier when you don’t have a static or a tardy image in the market. When you state clearly on why you want a referral without sounding unauthentic and convince them of your authoritativeness, things start getting better.

This in turn, helps you to restructure your market reach and helps expand the net to cast on getting referrals for your company.
When you successfully restructure yourself as the company to-go-for, you start resonating in the minds of your customers. They in turn boomerang and do not hesitate to refer you as their preferred choice for referring you or providing you with referrals.

Showing gratitude, being thankful to those who provide you with referrals and keeping in touch with the clients is a great way to improve your referral graph and save money in the process

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