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  • 10 Oct 2017

9 Ways You Can Promote Your Law Firm’s Online Presence

Law Firm’s

Gone are the days when people needed a telephone directory to find out about law firms in their area. Today, people make online searches and scrutinize things tightly before making final decisions to hire the right law firm for their legal case or consultation. That’s why it’s important for every attorney to promote his/her law firm branding online effectively.

Effective Ways to Promote Your Law firm Online


1. Develop a Personal Brand 

Developing a personal brand is about more than just creating a website for your business. It is the process of establishing a “mark” that should express your personality, skills, and values effectively to your audience. As people land directly on the 'bio' page of a website, make sure to put engaging as well as informative content there. The users should be able to find out the detail information of your firm that must include:

> License and other credentials
> Previous work experience
> A professional photo of you
> Links to your social platforms
> Clear call to action buttons

Additionally, the content of your website should clearly talk about your strengths and characteristics.

2. Think Locally

Take help of local SEO companies that can give attention to various local aspects of SEO and improve your website’s keyword ranking. In addition to this, make sure your firm is listed in all the prominent local business directories and search engines.

3. Use Paid Search Programs

Again, your local SEO Company can help you in it. There are many online paid search programs that you can use to attract a relevant audience. Google paid search is one example.

4. Use Attractive Videos

Create amazing video content that can educate your audience about your specific area of practice, achievements, and much more. Upload your videos on popular video platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, etc. It will help your law firm to stand out online.

Law firm

5. Create High-Quality Content

It is the best way to receive prospective clients to your website. Create highly informative content for your website that your target audience will find valuable to read. Adding a blog section on your website that guides your audience about the law can be more helpful in driving target users.

6. Use Popular Social Media Platforms

Create your law firm’s official account on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, etc. Here you can post various information associated with your firm and get connected with your potential clients. Join different groups on platforms where the flow of target audience is highest. Additionally, you can share your blog posts here as well.

7. Give Your Business a Boost of Email Marketing

Do not let your clients forget about you. Make the right use of your contacts. Use email marketing to keep your law firm in mind of your clients. Send them a newsletter and other valuable information associated with your firm on a regular basis. Your each and every email is an opportunity to market your services.

8. Participate in Local Events

Keep yourself one step ahead of your competitors. Participating in local events is an ideal way to promote your firm both online and offline. Attend law community events and participate in them.

9. Manage Your Online Reviews

Managing online reviews is crucial for the success of any online entity. There are many websites that allow clients to provide reviews and feedback of the attorneys they hired. Consequently, you should remain engaged online to keep eyes on what people are saying about you. Manage your both positive and negative reviews carefully. Address negative reviews as soon as possible.


The online promotion gives your brand recognition and exposure and helps in getting referrals without any extra investment. When your brand is promoted on different online platforms, and someone leaves positive reviews about your brand, you get referrals naturally.

However, ensuring strong online presence requires a lot of effort and time. By following these tips you give a right start to your law firm branding online.

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