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  • 03 Feb 2017

What Googling the Words “Lawyer and Attorney” Means for a New Lawyer

If you do a google search with the words and lawyer and attorney you will get somewhat a gloomy picture for the fresh graduates from the law schools who are probably thinking of making a place online as a lawyer or attorney.

The first page of the search result is fully covered by only the meaning of the words lawyer and attorney, how are these two words different in practice and one or two lawyer and attorney finding directories along with one Wikipedia article on the legal practice.

Then if you move on to the next page of search result you are in for more surprises. The page is filled with lawyer reviewing websites and sites offering themes for a legal practice website. There are also few of the sites offering career advice on how to become a good lawyer or attorney.

Then only from the third page, you start to get the glimpse of some actual lawyers and attorneys who are running some very well reputed legal firms and are in business for more than a decade. And here too you will get those lawyer and attorney directories claiming to review lawyers and attorneys in your region.

Other than these types of sites you may also notice some of the sites of the famous law schools of your region and some site offering overall details about lawyers and their practice. And the picture is no different if you try with other related keywords like ‘find lawyer’ and ‘attorney referral’. In case of the first, you will get a hoard of sites telling you how to find a lawyer from the online directories and for the second one you will get an avalanche of online attorney referral websites which redirect you to the attorney referral service providers in your region.

So, if you start now and build your own websites, blog or even establish a law firm right away it is going to take more than seven years to even get to the top five pages of the search results. And another five to get to the top three.

So, how are you planning to tackle this problem of getting a place online as a fresher lawyer or attorney?

The answer my friend is! Whether you are just a fresh graduate or just want to strengthen your online presence as a lawyer or attorney offers some unique benefits for you.

First of all, it saves you from the clutches of lawyer reviewing and rating sites that review and rate lawyers with biases and by inexperienced reviewers.

Secondly, allows you get connected with real-life legal experts in your field and get referrals from them. No hassle of fake or biased reviews. Only experienced experts referring to other experts.

Thirdly, you don’t have to have your own firm, websites or a full-fledged online presence like blogs and social portals.

Thus, with it, you can save yourself from the lawyers’ listing sites along with all the attorney referral portals and services altogether. And despite being a new lawyer or attorney in your region you can establish your image and reputation online in a very short time.

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