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  • 03 Feb 2017

3 Most Effective Ways to Help Patients Find Your Dental Practice Online

After opening your dental practice, the next step is attracting patients and work on growing your network. In the past years, dental professionals have faced many challenges in attracting more patients in their practice and developing a system of referrals that will be effective and stable. Because once you get patients to visit your practice, you need to find a way to keep them.

Here is some Advice to Help you Attract new Patients and keep them

As the time changes and the online world develops faster each year, you need to keep up with the trends. There are many advertising opportunities online and be sure that your patients want to see you posting online content and connect with you through social media.
In fact, DC Interactive Groups' survey shows that 41% of people would choose a health care provider based on their social media reputation. And if that's not enough to make you want to be more active online, than a 2013 Pew Research Center Report that revealed that 72% of internet users said they looked online for health information, certainly will.
Meaning, if you want patients to find you online, you need a strategy that will get your dental practice (when searched by locals) if not at the first, then at the second page in the search engine. There are a few ways to help your patients find you online.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Many dental professionals haven't heard of SEO. In the past few years, SEO was all about finding the right keywords, in this case, predicting what your dental patients would search on Google and incorporate those keywords in a post or on a website. Meaning, you need to find a website where you can publish content, and both the website and the content should be Search Engine Optimized.

However, keywords are not the most important thing when it comes to optimizing a blog post. The most important thing is to write engaging, high-quality content related to your dental practice, which will attract visitors to your page and get them to stay. It's important to get personal and connect and educate your readers through your posts. It's good to optimize and use local SEO with the keyword that is connected to the area where your dental practice is located.

2. Social Media
Regularly post content on your social media pages. If you post, you'll drastically increase the chances of people sharing, liking, tweeting your post, which also increases your rankings. It's important to include social media buttons on your web page and allow people to share your posts directly from your page. Connecting your social media and your web page shows search engines the activity you have in both fields, which gets your posts to rank better when it has more social shares.

3. Online directories
Local listings are a great way to get your dental practice on the first page of Google. For example, you can join Google and Yahoo Business, Yelp and Yellow Pages, which are free. Another great way to attract online visitors to your site that will trust your practice and services is to join NetProReferral. It's free and it allows you to advertise your practice among other medical and other types of professionals.

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