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  • 14 Dec 2016

Save A Fortune – Use Free Internet Advertising Methods To Grow Your Business

Online business advertising has proven as the most effective strategy to grow your business. We live in an era where if you’re not online, you don’t exist. Many businesses have established their brand and assured growth with internet advertising and website promotion. Studies show that 95% of Google's revenue comes from online advertising. Numbers show that establishing an effective marketing strategy is crucial for the business’s existence.
The thing is, marketing will cost you a fortune. Regular advertising at established sites will cost your business a lot of money – and we are sure you can find a better way to spend them. With the given competition, you might want to consider a more aggressive marketing campaign. That’s why free advertising methods are here for. Advertise your business online for free through:

1. Social Media
Regularly promote your business or website on social media. It is one of the cheapest methods of internet advertising. Many businesses have little chances of surviving without social media. Try to maintain a constant online presence and create your social media profiles.
You need a smart and effective marketing strategy that will attract visitors to your site. The best part, it’s completely free. You can start by creating profiles on social media platforms that your customers are most likely to use. Find out on which platform your customers tend to spend most of their time. This will give you some directions and save time.
Networking is a powerful method to promote your business. Connect with influential people or other businesses through LinkedIn. You can start now and join in LinkedIn and advertise your business for free. Create interesting content for your blog, share, like, and follow other sites on Facebook and Twitter.

2. Online Directory Listings
Including your website’s link at listing sites such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, Google Local or Yahoo Local, allows your customers to find you more easily. This free online marketing method will get your name available for any customer.

3. Guest Posting and Comments
These two methods are great to get backlinks for your site. You can get active and add comments on other sites or guest post for free on another website. Free guest posting will help you grow your online audience. Comment on well-established websites, blogs, Facebook pages, and LinkedIn profiles. Write engaging comments that will make people interested in what you offer. It is important to get involved as much as you can by following other businesses, ask for people to check your website, like, share, and get interested in other people's work.

4. Email signature
This easy technique, often overlooked, is great for free website promotion. Describe your website or your business with something captivating at the end of every email you send. Include a link to your website or social media profile, for example, your Facebook page. Emails often go viral. People share, copy, and forward them. You can never know who will read your email and get interested in knowing more about your website.

5. Join the Community has an established online community where you can communicate with other professionals. To grow your business, you will need people of trust, from a reliable source, that will make long-term connections. Get instant access to the huge pool of talent that is constantly growing and expanding, and advertise your business for free.

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