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  • 04 May 2018

3 Best Kept Secrets for Getting Referral Business

Getting Referral Business

Any business owner can tell you that referrals are the lifeline of a business. But very few actually make efforts to know how to get more referrals. Indeed, growing a referral business is not as easy as it seems. It takes proper execution and planning to get referral business. If you think, getting a business referral is just about handling a business card and wishing that someone will refer someone, you are probably mistaken. So, before moving ahead with the main topic, let’s learn, what is business referrals and how to get referrals from clients for your business?

What are Business Referrals?

Business referral is a kind of marketing strategy that helps you to grow a business. It is all about getting new leads to the business that helps it to succeed. However, if you want a business strategy that can help you to achieve heights, you must know how to get referrals for your business. So, let’s talk about it now.

Major problems

Undoubtedly, building a referral program seems like an easy task, but actually, it is not that much easier. Every business struggles from three major issues related to

● Confidence and self-motivation to ask someone you did business with to get information about their family and friends.

● The second problem is related to your dealing process and approach.

● The third one is from a helpful source lacks in right direction.

So, if you are looking for a secret or how to get more referrals, then here are 3 best-kept secrets explored.

Secret 1: Conquer Your Fears and Get Started

Many people get scared when asking for referrals. Asking is the most fearful thing for them because of the fear of rejection. Regardless of whether it's trouble in requesting referrals or slowing down when endeavoring to launch a procedure, the more you hold up to start, the more you're passing up a great opportunity for referral business. When you conquer your fear of asking for referrals, you are moving a step ahead of building a referral process.

Always remember- If your customers are happy, your business will grow, so there is nothing to fear about asking for help.

Secret 2: Ask at the Right Time and the Right Way

Now, this is another secret of getting the best referral. As we have discussed above- there is nothing to fear about asking for referrals, but there is a right time and right way to do that. The relationship relies on – how well you access the relationship with your client!

However, you should avoid asking for referrals immediately after signing any agreement or any paper as sticker stun and purchasers regret could undoubtedly overwhelm the customer's wish to help. That is the reason this is such a case-by-case reply. Also, don’t ignore the personality of the client. If your client is assertive, then ask them for referrals immediately as they are eager to help. But, if your client is introvert or passive, don’t ask them directly as it will turn them off.

Secret 3: Tell them how to Refer

When you’ve finally asked for referrals, it’s time to show them how to do. There are three types of referrals-

● Testimonials

Testimonials help you to convert referrals leads. Around 68% people trust online testimonials. So, you can ask your client to add a testimonial to your site.

● Traditional referrals

These referrals are simple and clear. This is when you thank your clients and ask for their support to refer you to their friends that could avail your services.

● Online reviews and recommendations

Online reviews and recommendations are the biggest advantages for your business. You can add them directly to your site and reap the benefits. It has been seen that around 88% consumers trust online reviews as well as testimonials.


Every business looks for the best ways on how to get referrals, if you are among them, then work on the above aspects mention below and you will see the best ways to get referral business. If you are looking the secret to get referrals, then read the blog now.

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