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  • 29 Nov 2016

12 Effective Ways to Getting Referrals

We know that referrals are among the top ways through which sellers get leads and new business, but generating them consistently can be troublesome for many.

Here 12 Effective ways to get Referrals and just keep on Getting them for your Business to Boom!

1. Create a referral network where you include only the providers you'd be comfortable recommending to your best client or best friend. Referral program with complementary providers to exchange referrals is a good idea to generate good numbers of referrals.

2. To encourage additional referrals, recognize and thank the existing referral sources. Expressing your appreciation through a simple phone call, email, or a handwritten note would do the job.

3. If you have a client who is not in the habit of referring, you can create another way for them such as case study, testimonial etc. and thus generate referrals from unexpected sources.

4. A client who only takes one kind of service from you should also know about the other products and services you offer and how you help so they can refer you to others. Sometimes sellers assume their clients know more about them than they really do.

5. Add a link or a section of the form on your website for referral submissions so that a few clicks of clients can generate new referrals for your business.

6. Help your clients keep in mind the reason behind your company being special. Be remarkable and give them something to talk about to potential clients of yours.

7. It is always risky to refer someone. Nobody wants to take the blame on their shoulders trying to help a friend. You can inspire confidence in your referral sources by letting them know things like how most of your customers again and again come back to you for services because those are that good.

8. Have a regularly updated LinkedIn profile and engage in keeping contact. Saying goes, out of sight out of mind. Do not go out of the mind of your network.

9. You can make a list of the people you want to work with and visit their profile. There’s always a chance for you to be connected with them through some network. You can reach out to the persons or companies via your network.

10. One of the best ways to get referrals is to refer somebody. That is how you could easily get referred in return.

11. You can get much more referrals by asking for them. While working with a client, you could simply ask if they know anybody who would benefit from something similar.

12. You can offer a referral commission that is a commission for your service to a current customer if he or she refers you to somebody. You can also announce a discount for somebody who comes to you through referral.

Referral is so important for your business that being able to generate them can ensure a good percentage of success in it. Through above-mentioned ways, you can get referrals for your business without much pain.

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