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  • 25 Jan 2018

What Kind of Doctor Do I Need? 


Choosing the right doctor can be a challenging and frustrating job. Before stepping out to find the right doctor, you need to know which specialist is perfect for which ailment. Hiring the right medical specialist requires research, expertise, time, and efforts. “What kind of doctor do I need or consult” the very common question everyone asks whenever it comes to meeting a doctor. In this blog, you will find a complete introduction to different types of doctors including gynecologists, cardiologists, and bariatricians. Learn which doctor treats what problem and select one who fits your requirements.

Family Physician, General Practitioner, or Internist?

Most of the people consult primary care physician for their medical concerns. There are three types of primary care physician and here they are:

Family Physician

A family physician treats patients of any gender and age. He often specializes in treating women, men, or children.

General Practitioner

A general practitioner often decides whether a patient can be treated generally or he needs a specialist. He treats the patients of all genders and ages.


An internist usually found in hospital and clinic and typically treats adults. He is trained in treating all the major organ system of the body.

Know the Roles of Different Specialists



A cardiologist specializes in the heart and other related systems like blood vessels. Diseases that a cardiologist treats:

● Heart attack
● High cholesterol
● Coronary artery disease
● High blood pressure
● Stroke
● Irregular heartbeat
● Heart murmurs


Allergists (Allergy and Asthma Specialist)

An allergist diagnoses and treats asthma, allergies, and other immune system problems by performing several allergy tests and diagnostics. He helps you in identifying the cause of your allergies, which can be:

● Medicines
● Dust
● Food
● Pets
● Pollen, etc.


Psychiatrist and Psychologist

Both psychiatrist and psychologist deal with mental health. Differences between the two:

● A psychiatrist is a medical doctor (MD). Whereas a psychologist is a doctor of science who has studied the human behavior and mind (PhDs and PsyDs).
● A psychiatrist can prescribe medicines to patients but a psychologist cannot.



A bariatrician helps patients lose weight. He specializes in treating obesity and other related disorders. Diseases a bariatrician treats:

● High blood pressure
● Obesity
● High cholesterol
● Diabetes
● Lipid disorders



A rheumatologist can be a pediatrician or an internist, trained to treat musculoskeletal diseases and autoimmune conditions. Diseases a rheumatologist treats:

● Lupus
● Gout
● Arthritis
● Autoimmune disorders



These professionals specialize in treating children. From child development and immunization to all minor and major diseases, a pediatrician is trained for several child-related health requirements.

A pediatrician can treat patients from their birth to adulthood (can be 18 years).


A neurologist treats disorders of the spinal cord, brain, & nerves, and “sensory receptors” of the body including ears, eyes, and skin. Diseases neurologist can treat:

● Headache disorders
● Stroke
● Multiple Sclerosis
● Speech disorders
● Other movement disorders



A podiatrist is a doctor DPM (Doctors of Podiatric Medicine) instead of an MD. He can treat feet including ankles, heels, and toes and some can perform surgeries. Diseases a podiatrist can treat:

● Flat feet
● Gout
● Ingrown Toenails
● Athlete’s foot
● Bunions
● Smelly feet



Specializes in the reproductive health of women. Diseases a gynecologist can treat:

● Pelvic pain
● Ovarian cysts, polyps, and tumors
● Fibroids
● Infertility
● UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)
● Toxic shock syndrome

So now you know which doctor helps you with what health problems. Knowing the jobs of different specialists helps you make the right decisions when looking for medical care and treatment. Once you understand what kind of doctor you need, you can take help from Net Pro Referral to find the best doctor in your surroundings.

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