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  • 01 Oct 2018

What Is Brand Awareness in Marketing and How to Increase Brand Awareness

brand awareness

What is brand awareness in business? In simple terms, brand awareness means how much a target audience is aware of a brand. How much familiarity your audience have with your business, your brand name, your products and services make up the brand awareness of your business. Building brand awareness is one of the essential goals of every marketing campaigns. The more you will make your customers know and be aware of you, the more successful your business is likely to become.

Therefore, every marketer or business owner keeps asking what is brand recognition in marketing and how to increase brand awareness? Here we will discuss some tried and tested ways brand awareness strategies to increase brand awareness of your business.

Referral Marketing:

One of the sure shot ways of building brand recognition is running referral marketing campaigns effectively. Dropbox effectively increased their conversion rate up to 60% through just a simple referral campaign. The company offered free cloud space just for referring a friend to their services. You too can reap the benefits of increased business and brand awareness through referral programs. Identify the rewards or incentives that will attract your prospects, then offer the rewards for referring your business to others. It can be simply free services from you, discounts on products or just any other token reward that will attract and inspire your customers to refer you to their friends and family. Referral Marketing is a tried and tested brand awareness strategy on how to increase brand awareness.

Partnering with Local Brands:

If you manage to form a partnership of any kind with a local brand for mutual marketing benefits then the name of both the brands will reach many in the community. Through effective partnership, you can carry out multiple marketing campaigns as brand awareness marketing. You can share each other’s marketing resources, referral base, offer each other’s services as a referral reward and even can through away local community events and seminars together as a great brand awareness strategy.

Guest Blogging:

Okay, so you were blogging on your own platform and were having some traffic but if you manage to guest blog on many other influential blogging sites or in news portals then you can increase your audience base and brand awareness to a huge extent. Besides, being available in many prominent sites also establishes you as an authority in your niche. As a result, it works as an effective brand awareness marketing.

Experiment with Your Content:

Today, you can publish and market your contents in various forms and through many different platforms. So, you have to keep experimenting on the forms of contents to find out the ones that work best with your target audience. Try with wonderful and informative infographics or videos and keep experimenting to create a buzz among your audience. You should also keep experimenting with the titles of your contents to find out the types of contents that drive the most amount of traffic.

Social Media Marketing:

Another way to increase brand awareness in a very short time is to run social media paid ad campaigns to reach a huge amount of prospects. Create appealing ad copy and ad media. Be it a video or an image or infographics, make it catchy and imaginative with a beautiful call to action and run the campaign with effective targeting measures. Properly conducted social ad campaigns can do wonders for your brand awareness. There are instances of such ad copy or media going viral and as a result, the campaigns garner much higher mileage than the paid amount could afford.

AdWords Campaigns:

Google AdWords marketing offers various kinds of marketing tools and tactics for businesses. Many of them are great for building brand awareness. You can try PPC marketing on Google search and display network, where your brand name will be seen by your audience whenever they search for the kind of products or services you are offering. You can also go for the remarketing campaigns that allow you to target prospect who have already visited your website to show them your ads on any website they visit. This gives the impression that your brand is really big and present everywhere.

Create a Social Network of Your Own:

The more you will be able to engage your customers with your business the more they will become aware of and loyal to you. So, if you can manage to create an online community among your customers who will be able to connect and share with other customers that would be simply great. You can offer automatically created profiles to your customers on your platform when they sign up for your business. That way they will also feel they belong to your world. Give them the option to connect with other users. Also, provide other sharing options just like any other social media platform but built just for your customers. This can work as a great brand awareness strategy.

There you go! With these great ideas for building brand awareness, your brand will soon become a household name in your locality.

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