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  • 27 Oct 2016

7 Benefits of Being in the Network

With time, the landscape of professional workforce sourcing and engaging have undergone massive changes. Just recently we have seen the rise of the freelance workforce. The dynamics of change is still on and is another milestone on the way!

In the world of marketing the referral system has been one of the most tried and tested method of boosting up sales and the lead base. We have also seen the effectiveness of referral systems in health care practices. Besides, we all know about the word of mouth phenomenon that is a traditional term used in the marketing textbooks to denote the incident when a satisfied client or customer spreads the word of a particular service or professional to their acquaintances. All these are glowing examples of how referral systems can be of great significance to your professional career.

So, we from have consolidated this referral practice into an ingenious platform where all of your referrals will be kept and displayed throughout your career. This is the first time in the history that such a platform have been built where professionals from all the sector of the economy can fully reap all the benefits of the referral system just by getting connected to the network.

Now, let us delve deep into the 7 most basic benefits of being in the referral network that offers to you!

1. Authenticity
The first and the foremost benefit that the referral network gives you is the scope of being authentic and genuine. As our referral network only allows referrals from other authentic profiles from the network so there’s no worry of getting false or biased comments like the reviewing system has. You only get referrals from other professional experts from the field along with the referrals from your peers, mentors and other professional connections that you have. And on top of it, only these authentic and genuine referrals will be the basis of your evaluations and judgement for the professional help seekers online or within the network.

2. Solid Networking
A referral network is essentially networking at its best. In the referral system based network created by the team, you will see all the professionals in your field and they will be able to see you. You will find professionals you already know and will also get to know others that you don’t know yet. So, the networking starts right from the core of your professional connections and then keeps reaching out to others. From there you can reach out to all the people you need to know and invite to refer you on the network.

3. Free Advertising
Our network also works as a platform to show your professional skills, expertise and reputation to the potential clients or employers. Your profile will be shown to the professional help seekers on our search engines whenever they search for any relevant professional. So, by being in the referral network you are having a free platform to advertise your business or professional practice.

4. Rank Higher in the Search Results
Another great benefit of being in the referral network is that you are having another trusted online presence for the search robots to find you. This way you will be ranked higher in search results like google or bing apart from our own search engine. In this line the more you get connected with other professionals and get referrals the higher you will rank in search results as well as in other search engines due to your robust online presence.

5. Scope for Peer Appreciation
In our referral network, you not only get referred by other professional peers but also get to appreciate your peers through your quality referrals. This way the network becomes a closely knitted network of professionals where everybody can see and appreciate each other's work. You get such facility in no other system of networking, as all the other networks are based on reviewing systems where you are reviewed by your clients or customers who do not necessarily have any knowledge about the work you do.

6. Targeted Professional Image Development
With a professional referral networking platform, you can build your image in a precisely targeted way. Through referring and inviting targeted professionals to refer you back you can build your professional image just the way you want. This happens because your referrals are the variable that you are viewed in respect to. So with referrals from other celebrated professionals in the field, you can easily build a bright professional image.

7. Freedom from the Unhealthy Practice of Reviews
The review based system of evaluating businesses and professionals had its day. And now we are coming to know how faulty the system is. The reviewers often lack enough knowledge of the profession to review the professionals so they end up posting biased and wrong reviews. Besides, we have also seen the practice of fraudulent reviewers in plenty. So, with the referral based network of you get total freedom from the unhealthy practice of reviews.

However, these are just a few to mention among the innumerable benefits of being in the professional referral network of Keep an eye or Join us to experience it for yourself!

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