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  • 01 Jun 2017

10 Ways to Increase Your Customer Referrals

No matter how many drastic changes have occurred through the marketing spectrum the one single thing that is still a given is the tendency of online referral marketing to be the most effective marketing tactic when it comes to getting new business.

But are you struggling with the numbers that you are getting from your online referral marketing endeavors? Do not worry! Here we have brought to your 10 effective ways through which you can increase the number of customer referrals that you get from your online referral marketing and referral program websites.

Set Goals

The first thing to do is to set up realistic and practical goals. This means setting your numbers straight. How many conversions making referrals you want to have in any given time or how many new deals you want to make from customer referrals. Once you have that limit in front of you then setting up the referral programs and other variables of your online referral marketing processes would become much easier and practical.

Find Out the Right Social Channels

Now, one thing you already know that no marketing process can run without perfect integration with your social media marketing operations. So, no matter what referral program website or software you use to run your online referral marketing you have to successfully promote and integrate them with your social media marketing channels. But even before that, you have to choose the channels and platforms that best suits your line of business.

Offer Incentives

Although this is nothing new, a reminder is worth it. Offering incentivized referral programs to your customer base is always a great idea to boost up customer referrals. Make sure to keep the incentives attractive to your customers and at the same time relevant to your business model. Offering more access to your products or services can be a great idea of an incentive.

Customized Messages

Make the process of referring your business a cool one so that your customers like and enjoy referring you to others. Keep ready-made yet customizable messages for them to use while referring you.

Increased Sharing Capability

Have your refer buttons and links available across channels. Make it easily visible on your webpages and offer refer links to your social channels on appropriate places. Make your refereeing process, links and pages very social media friendly to share.

Create Exclusivity

Make an online referral marketing offer to your customers that would only be accessible through referrals. You can offer exclusive products or services that can only be availed through referrals from your existing customers. That way you will achieve the effect of being exclusive to your customers. Being exclusive is liked by everyone.

Regular Follow Up

Always keep some time to regularly follow up with your customers. Send occasional emails about latest updates from you and also to ask how they are doing. And with each correspondence don’t forget to remind them to refer you to friends and family!

Encourage Top Loyalists

Another great way to encourage your customers to refer you more is to make an elite group comprising of your top loyalists. Give a great name to that group and offer exclusive benefits to that group.

Give Users Way to Analyze Their Referrals

This is another tool that you can use within your online referral marketing programs. You can offer tools to your customers with which they will be able to track their own referrals. They will be able to see how many they have referred and how many of their referrals have turned into conversions for you.

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