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  • 29 Jan 2018

How Do Young Lawyers Generate Business for Their Firm? 


As a young lawyer, starting out your career and making an impressive identity in the marketplace is very challenging and requires a lot of efforts. In the current phase, where the competition is at its highest peak, more and more attorneys are graduating, and the potential customer pool is shrinking, the challenge for the young lawyers is rising day by day. So being a young lawyer, you need to learn a lot of basics and strategies to build your identity and make your brand stand out. Beyond learning the billable hours and basics, you must build a business development plan to ensure a reputed and successful career.

Looking for ideas on “how to find clients as a new lawyer in the industry”? Have a look at this list which will help you in transforming yourself from a basic or new associate to a well-known, profitable, and powerful lawyer. Here is a plan for business development for lawyers:

Know Your Firm:

First of all, become familiar or known with the intranet and website of your firm. Both intranet and website store important information about the practice areas, senior management structure, attorneys, and practice area of your firm. Learn more about your responsibilities, roles, and be updated and active always.

Use Resources To Build A Network :

Does your law firm have a professional development team and in-house marketing department? Utilize them. Take help from them to boost your network and grow your career. They can help you with the same. Connect with more and more people daily and make your network stronger.

Update Your Profile Regularly:

An attorney’s biography is the most-read part on a law firm’s website. So update your biography constantly. Update your bio regularly and add the information about the presentation and articles you have given and written. Let clients know that you are active and can be a great fit to their legal cases.

Use Social Media:

Social media can help you get clients and boost your business if you utilize it the right way. More and more people are using social media nowadays. Make your business profile on different social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and others and let the audience know that you also exist in the industry. Add proper information about your business, your specialties, and attract customers towards you. Remember, making profiles is not enough you have to be active for the best results.

Use Referrals:

Referrals are one of the most important sources to get and make potential clients. As a new lawyer, the big challenge is how to get referrals without a big clientele. This is the point where both referrals and networking go hand-in-hand. Make a strong connection with your clients as well as other attorneys. Give them benefits and they will return the favor by bringing clients to your business.

For a new and small law firm, using referral website is the best idea to get quality referrals and boost business. You can use Net Pro Referrals for getting new and prospective clients.

These are some of the steps you need to follow to boost your client base as a new lawyer. Consider this business development checklist in your mind while starting your career and become a well-known law firm in the industry.

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