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  • 06 Oct 2018

What's Trending in E-commerce

e commerce trending

The mind-blowing growth of the e-commerce industry is something that is shaping the whole of economy right now. In 2017, the e-commerce industry reached $2.3 trillion and it is expected to cross $4.5 trillion in 2021, according to Statista.

Above all, every day newer and newer buyers are leaping into the online buying habit that is making it grow even faster.

Amid such exciting prospects, looking into the trends in e-commerce industry that are dominating the landscape right now seems very interesting.

Constantly Improving Delivery Logistics:

One of the factors that differentiate one e-commerce platform from another is the shipping and delivery logistics. As the competition grows fierce, the platforms are likely to engage in the race of toppling each other in terms of faster and efficient delivery. According to Amazon, it shipped 5 billion items worldwide via Amazon Prime’s free one- or two-day shipping in 2017. On the fastest side, the e-commerce giant has delivered a thermometer in just eight minutes. So, you can easily see the e-commerce future trend of beating each other in terms of fast and free shipping.

Automation and Machine Learning:

With the rapidly improving AI technology, more and more aspects of e-commerce are becoming automated and dependent on machine learning. It has become one of the most recent trends in e-commerce that is to also dominate in the coming years. As a result, the processes are not only becoming easier for both the retailers and the customers but also driving more ROI. With the automation tools, retailers are being able to automate accounts, customer profiling and even customer correspondence with chatbots. Besides, with the use of machine learning, they are being able to craft more personalized and appealing marketing messages to each of the prospects.

Social Media Shopping:

Another growing trend in e-commerce industry is integrating social media with e-commerce. A growing number of social media platforms are now trying to incorporate shopping and payment procedures within the apps. As a result, the buyers will be able to directly buy from the retailers on social media without having to switch between apps and website. This e-commerce technology trend will also allow the retailer to be more available to the customers in their everyday life.

Increasingly Mobile Centric:

As much as 11 percent of online shoppers now shop online via their smartphone on a weekly basis, says a Statista report. And the numbers are rapidly increasing. So, becoming more and more mobile-centric is becoming one of the e-commerce future trends. With it, the focus will be placed on improving the mobile and app experience to make it much more easy, effortless and enjoyable for the customers. Soon, mobile is expected to become the first priority for the retailers.


Animation makes the user experience much more enjoyable and fun. As a result, it is becoming of the trends in the e-commerce industry to subtly animate the whole display experience for consumers. From designing of the website to using animated characters in your email or messenger communication with the customers, animation makes it more lively and deliver the message for effectively. So, animation is becoming another of the current trends in e-commerce.

Virtual Reality:

The most growing of the e-commerce technology trends is the use of virtual or augmented reality to enhance customer experience. By allowing customers to virtually experience the products first-hand the authenticity and well as possibilities increase multiply for the retailers. Besides, the customers become more engaged with the whole e-commerce phenomenon.

Voice Search:

As the voice interactive digital assistants like Amazon Echo and Google’s Home are becoming more and more commonplace, it has started to become one of the rising trends in e-commerce industry. An ever growing portion of online buyers are using voice to complete their shopping now and the retailers too are using this technology to be more available to their prospects. Besides, through these technologies, the retailers are being able to use advanced upsell strategies and actually increasing their upsell amount.

Easier Checkout:

It has been one of the current trends in e-commerce for quite some years now. The retailers are constantly trying to make the payment methods easier and faster. And this endeavor is going to continue for some more time in the future. Shopify Pay, Android Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal and other such methods are trying to make the checkouts a totally effortless process now. More of such payment methods are going to emerge in future to make shopping into a one-click experience.

So, if you are into e-commerce or trying to take your business online then having an idea about these recent trends in e-commerce is a must for your future growth. Hope, this post will help you in this regard.

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