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  • 08 Jun 2018

The Ultimate Pre-Retirement Planning Checklist

Retirement planning

Retirement is a time of your life when you don’t need to work but enjoy the perks of your savings. However, that saving is what you have earned during your early working days. However, many people have a few questions in their mind like from when they should start saving for their retirement? How much should they save every month? How to make proper planning etc.? The two words answer is - Pre-Retirement Checklist.

So, Let’s Shed some Light on What should an Ultimate Pre-Retirement Checklist Looks Like:

Life Expectancy

Life expectancy does matter! It plays an essential role to decide the duration of your retirement savings to lasts. Let’s say if you wish to save for your 70 years and you survive up to 90 years, then you should have savings for that. Don’t decide your life expectancy. So this is the first thing you should mention on your list.


What are goals? This is another point you need to consider. You should know what you are going to do after your retirement age. If you know what your goals are, it makes easier for you to start saving today in order to accomplish your goals.

Prepare for the Next Stage of your Life

So you need to rest after your retirement. Right? Trust me if you have worked all your life, you would never rest every single day. It’s better to start thinking about what you should do after your retirement period. Try to add something to the list that makes you happier or you always wanted to do. Discover some volunteer or seek someone before you get at a retirement age. You can learn a new skill as a hobby or a language, create a home business or anything you would like to do. Don’t forget to mention it in your retirement list.

Adjusting to Retirement

This can take a little while as at first, you feel like a luxurious holiday. You are free and have a fun time. But slowly and gradually, this time period will become a burden on you. So, the best way to add some purposeful activity in your life that can make a difference in your life.


Let’s face it- Health is wealth! If health is good everything is good. So in order to get quality of retirement, it is important to take care of your health. Growing age doesn’t mean that you are disabled or sick. But, this is the time when you need to focus on your wellbeing.


During the old age, no one likes to pay rent. So, it is better to start saving today so during your retirement period you may have a house you can call your home. You can save money or invest in a property on which later on in your life you can construct a beautiful home.

Spending Estimates

You have to make an estimate of your retirement spending. This may include everything from grocery to medical expenses. This will give you an overview of the spending estimates and how you can manage things after retirement.


In the pre-retirement checklist, you need to mention your finance as well. Where will you get money? How much you need for your retirement? It’s advisory speaking to the financial advisor who could guide you well. It may include spending each year, total net worth or health checkups etc.

Retirement Savings

The retirement savings are also important and you need to start it as soon as one starts earning. When life comes with many challenges, the retirement savings can help you to overcome it. These savings are executed within limited time periods. If you have a proper plan for retirement, it would be much easier for you to look at other changes back in your life.

Financial Entitlements

During your retirement age, you will be eligible for many perks by a local government such as - Age Pension, seniors health card, state-issued seniors cards and senior health care.

Wrapping the Post

There are many decisions you need to take to secure your retirement life and pre-best retirement checklist is one of them. If your checklist has all these measures available and you are working on it, you would definitely have a peaceful future.

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