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  • 12 Jun 2018

Top Marketing Challenges in 21 st century

Marketing Challenges

In today’s ever-changing scenarios of high competition and uncertainty are common. Marketing challenges today has become worse than ever. Every marketer, be it a small or a big look for the best ways to overcome the marketing challenges. From the 80s, 90s, to the 21st century. The marketing industry has changed to the large extent.

We are Going to Shed some Light on the Marketing Challenges in 2018


1. Generating Traffic and Leads:

One of the top marketing challenges here is generating traffic and leads. Today, marketers are struggling hard to produce the right quality of content. Even if they create it, then another challenge they experience is the promotion. So, when you are creating the content, you need to ask two questions to yourself-

Is your content is high-quality?
What type of content your audience wants?

Once you get the answers of these two questions and then shift to the promotion part, you can easily get a way to generate traffic and leads.

2. Measuring the ROI of your Marketing Activities:

Measuring the ROI (return of return) of your advertising activities has remained the best marketing challenge year-over-year. However, it is also important for marketers to comprehend the importance of every single marketing campaign and piece of content written. Indeed, tracking ROI of every single marketing activity is not as easy as it seems especially when you don’t have transparent interaction between sales report and marketing activities. Therefore, it is important to use both CRM solution and marketing software together. This enables you to see the number of traffic you are generating from your marketing activity.

3. Securing Budget:

The major aspect of unlocking the budget is to get ROI on your marketing efforts is securing it. For any smaller organizations that are not working on the flexible budget should definitely secure budget. For that, you need to follow a small and a few steps. The first one is proving the ROI of your marketing efforts. Second is the success of your inbound marketing. This can also help you in driving the higher budget. But one thing you need to remember is inbound marketing success takes a long time. So you need be patient while dealing with inbound marketing.

4. Managing your Website:

This is also one of the biggest marketing challenges 2018. The performance of the site is important for any site owner. It is something that can draw visitors to your site and convert them into the leads. The common issues with the website management include writing and content optimization.

managing a website was the fourth biggest challenge for marketers in 2017. And chances are, your website's performance is high on your list of priorities. It's an asset that works around the clock to draw in visitors, convert them, and help you hit your goals, after all. In order to deal with this challenge, you need to make sure that you are promoting it on the right social or online platform.

5. Identifying the Right Technologies for your Needs:

Finding the correct technologies was the fifth greatest worry for marketers this year. The reason is feedback has been scattered on the latest technologies. Many people are unable to identify the technologies for their needs. Luckily, if you are looking for a software, tool or a technology piece in order to solve a particular marketing issue, then you can look for the tool like GrowthVerse that offers online visualization for free in the landscape of marketing technology. The main focus of this tool is on solving the business issues.

6. Targeting Content for an International Audience:

In marketing, targeting is a key aspect. If you are looking for the most effective ways of marketing, you need to identify the personality of your global audience. If your business is expanding internationally, then you have to look for the best ways to organize and optimize the content for different countries.

7. Training your Team:

Today, companies are scaling and technologies are evolving, so training your team has become one of the greatest challenges ever. In order to train them, all you need is the set of right tools and software that allow them to learn more with full potential. For that, all you need is accessing the weakness and strengths of your team members, their expertise and contribution to the ROI. You should also boost their morale by asking them to rack up some good online marketing certifications like Google offers in its online Analytics Academy.

8. Hiring Top Talent:

Last, but not the least. Hiring top talent is also a marketing challenge in the 21st century. As many companies are switching to more resources to inbound marketing that means they need top talent. From evaluating right candidate to finding the right one for the job, everything needs time. So, the best solution for this issue will be to hire marketers with a diverse skill set of SEO, Content marketing, social media marketing etc.


Perhaps, there are many marketing challenges and opportunities prevailing in the marketing industry. If you know how to get over them and grab the opportunities, you will definitely make your promotion more powerful.

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