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  • 11 Jun 2018

Top Influencer Marketing Trend's

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been around lately. This is a hot topic for many marketers. It is powerful and an alternative to the conventional marketing of recognizing, investigating, connecting with and supporting the general population who make high-affect discussions with clients about your image, items or services.

Perhaps, there are many benefits of influencer marketing like it offers the brand a possibility to bring together their advertising, PR, deals, product, advanced marketing, and social networking through effective and significant relationship-based communication. So, without stretching much let's shed some light on the top influencer marketing trend this year.

Top Influencer Marketing Trend's:

● Video marketing will become important

No one is unfamiliar with the trend of videos. According to the sources, it represents over three-quarters of all web traffic. Because of its power, it can drive more traffic than text-based content.

Whether it be Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Snapchat or enlarged reality, videos feel more credible. They're enjoyable to watch, and that is the reason influencers will keep on experimenting with a video marketing patterns. Just like last year, a video will be an influencer marketing trend in 2018.

● Instagram stories will reign

We all know how Instagram stories laid an impact on diverse businesses across the world. It was also immense part of the Google Trends Influencer Marketing. It enables organizations to conceive brand new ideas to their story. Brands are presently ready to complete a ton on the application including making ads, adding connections or CTAs and tagging. This gives influencers different opportunity to make branded content top-of-mind that drives a lot of traffic. Although these stories vanished within 24 hours, still it left an impression on the viewers or followers mind.

● Tracking KPIs will be a priority

The second trend is tracking KPIs. This year the main aim of the brands is to increase the budget of influencer campaign. This can be done by measuring ROI and effectiveness. This means you need to set concrete metrics in order to track prior to launching such as conversions, engagements, hashtag usage and followers growth. Before you sign with an influencer, make certain of the business goals you need to accomplish from your campaign. Choose from what KPIs you need to evaluate. As brands and influencers are quite different in their initiatives, both the parties need to agree on the mutually aligned and realistic.

● Budget, value, and cost of service will increase

Today, the influencer marketing has become a popular means of marketing for various businesses. This enables the brand to fall on the bandwagon. This also indicates that the demand for influencers will get higher which ultimately increase the cost and worth of their services. Influencer marketing agencies and platforms help remove the mystery from finding the correct influencers for your image. Particular influencer marketing agencies can help associate you with the influencers that are the best fit for your business and even deal with everything from influencer revelation to battle execution. Not certain which one you require?

● The authenticity of influencers will become very important

For the success of influencer marketing, it is important that brands should connect with their audiences with an authentic medium. Because of the high demand for influencers, buying fake followers has become a matter of a few clicks. But, buying fake followers can affect negatively to any business. Therefore, it is important for a brand to be careful while choosing influencers to work with. The best way here is to work with a number of micro-influencers rather investing on big-time one. Micro-influencers might have a small following but they are more inclined towards their online presence.

● Start Using Influencer Marketing Tools

One of the most important Influencer Trends that would be useful this year is using the right tools for Influencer Marketing. These tools are quite useful on the social media platforms. Some of the popular names here are- FollowerWonk, BizzSumo, TweetReach, Kred and more.

● Measure Influencer Marketing ROI

This year more stress will be laid on measuring influencer marketing ROI. This can be carried out with the help of 4 categories- ROAS- Return on Ad Spend, Engagement, Reach and Social Sentiment.


Whether you pick an agency or not, you need to build a relationship with your influencers on your own. For that, the first step is to identify your influencers, then start an active online participation and then get the best influencer in your niche. Moreover, if you follow the above mention trends, you will definitely take your brand to the next level.

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