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  • 29 Aug 2018

Tips to Get Your Referral Messaging Right

referral marketing

In any kind of marketing campaigns, the words you use to drive your audience into action is of utmost importance. A beautifully crafted marketing message can increase the efficiency of the whole campaign to a great extent. In case of referral marketing, the kind of messaging you use towards your customers and the ones they refer is even more significant.

So, let’s have a look on how to increase referrals with the right kind of referral messaging for your referral program ideas. But even before that let’s see what referral messaging actually is.

What Is Referral Messaging?

Referral messaging is the text and media formats you use to let your customers know about your referral programs that inspire them to refer you to their friends and also the message that the referral receiver gets after being referred.

So, there are two parts of your referral messaging. One part is what your customers see and the second part is the one who is being referred sees. The success of your referral messaging depends on both the parts to reap the most benefit out of your referral program ideas.

Now, let’s dive into making your referral messaging really great.

A really great referral messaging will instantly tell your customers what you are trying to say and at the same time will propel them to action.

Make It Short and Simple:

The text you use to explain and entice your customers to refer you and the text that the referred person will see should be short and simple. It should be readable without any serious effort from the readers part. And within this short scope, you have to communicate all there is to say in a clear manner.

Clear Value Proposition:

Your referral messaging should clearly explain what your value proposition is to all the parties involved. The message directed to your customers should instantly tell them what they and their friends are going to get out of your referral promotion ideas. On the other hand, the receiver of the referral should also get to know the benefits being offered to them. As a result, both the parties will feel more inclined to respond to your call to refer. Besides, your message should also communicate the aspect of help and support the referrer will be offering to their friends through your products. This should also be included in the value proposition. The more value you can add the better it will be for your referral promotion ideas.

Use Direct Address:

Try to make your referral messages more imminent by the use of personal pronouns like I, Me You. The more you will address your customers directly that way, the closer they will feel to your call to refer and the more trust they will feel towards you. The same is true for one being referred.

An example in this regard would be something like this, “Help your friend with our products! And both of you get $$ bonus/discount on our this or that services” As simple as that. And then, you give each customer a personalized referral link to share with their friends. The moment the friends receive the referral, they will get to see something like this, Follow my link to get %% discount on such and such products and services from *** (your brand name). From the example, you can easily get the idea of how it propels you to take the action.

Use Logos, Pictures, Animation:

Another great strategy, if you are looking for how to increase referrals using your referral program ideas, is integrating your logos, pictures and animation with the referral massaging you are using. So, to get your referral messaging right, you should also use your company logo in a suitable position of your referral page and the message that you send to the referral receiver. You should also visualize your offers or referral incentives with the picture that you will use with your referral messaging. Even better if you can use subtle animation to your messaging. It doesn't have to be too noticeable. Just simple movement while clicking the buttons or while hovering over the logo or picture would do great to enliven up your referral messaging.

So, if you have been struggling with how to increase referrals, it is probably your referral messaging is not up to the mark. Use these great tips and methods to make your referral messaging perfect! Hope these will help to increase your referrals multiply.

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