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  • 30 May 2018

Tips For Finding Niche Influencers For Your Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program Influencers

If you are all set to get your brand in front of the global audience you need a powerful marketing strategy for affiliate marketing. The concept of affiliate marketing is simple. You connect with the affiliates who will promote your product or service and in return, you will give them some reward. But, how to find influencers for your brand? Well, this is not as easy as it seems as you have to create a proper strategy and niche influencer for your affiliate program. So, in this post, we are going to shed some light on the tips for finding niche influencer for your affiliate program.

How to find influencers for your brand?

There are different ways that affiliates can use to promote your brand. The way you take is completely upon your objectives and what your expected market will best react to. Because of this, we've assembled a few tips of affiliate marketing strategies with the goal that you can better survey which will make the best fit for your brand and your objectives.

1. Pick a Top Niches to recruit from

This is the most effective way to find influencers for your brand. However, one thing here you need to consider is- don’t go for niches with high-amount of competitions. It may result in lower traffic and you won’t get effective results. You can start with the small targeted niche of selective promotional products and earn sufficient money.

2. Highlight your Uniqueness

If you are looking for the most effective ways to stand apart from your affiliates then all you have to do is- Highlight your uniqueness. This uniqueness is made from the blend of three things- Your education, perspective and experience. These are the major aspects that will draw your audience towards you and your uniqueness makes you unique.

3. Be aware of engagement illusions

After understanding your niche, now it’s time to identify your precise influencer. But be aware of engagement illusion by influencer while marketing. Make sure numbers are not sufficient to find out if your influencer can be a great affiliate. Take a look at the amount and quality of engagement from their side.

4. Look beyond pictures

When recruiting influencers for affiliate marketing, make sure you are talking about engagement with them. Don’t go with the pictures, but look beyond that. Like the topic on which most posts are written or if influencer gets engagement on affiliate posts, sponsored post or specific product posts. Look for the type of comments every post has. If you take care of all these aspects, you would definitely find niche influencers for your affiliate program.

5. Look for social channels to connect

With the growing trend of social media, now businesses are using it for the promotional purpose. However, not all social media channels are made for affiliate marketing, so you have to take care of this thing while planning your marketing strategy. If you are looking for high conversion rates, then some of the most popular social media channels are- Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.


Finding influencers for affiliate marketing is a hard nut to crack. But if you know who is your niche influencers are, it is not a big deal to draw their attention. By following the above tips, it’s quite possible to find the influencers for your next affiliate marketing program.

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