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  • 27 Apr 2017

Things to Take Care During Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO Audit

Search Engine Optimization is the defining aspect of online promotion. It requires accurate accounting and auditing for making it work. It’s an unpredictable phenomenon because many times even despite the implementation of well-defined SEO strategies, they fail to collect value in the digital world.

That is why you must do SEO audit every now and then to make sure which aspects you are lacking in and how you can improve things.

Vital parameters for technical SEO Audit:

To employ an influential yet technical SEO audit, one must be aware of its six exclusive settings. The below six parameters optimizes a website and make it visible in the online marketplace to get find clients. To ensure a qualified SEO one must pay attention to these parameters. Here -

· Quality Content

· Schema

· Use Backlinks

· Title Tag

· Meta Tags attachment

· Speed of the website

1. Witty Content

Content could change the game! So never underestimate its importance and put in on the top of SEO process. It provides user-experience in written to various web pages and improves inbound link naturally. To make an effective content, have a look at these:

· Structure: Proper content demands right structure. Everything must be written in a particular pattern and should talk in a connective tone.

· Keyword: Never miss out the keyword. The content must be drafted around the relevant keywords for your industry to attract more traffic and to get recognized by Google. During the audit, make sure you have incorporated all the right keywords properly.

· Internal Linking: This internal linking improves readability and reduces the bounce rate.

2. Schema

Relevant tags help drive traffic to the website. It promotes high organic ranking and defines a structure with content. Make sure to analyze scheme and add it to your free SEO report every time you do the audit.

3. Backlinks

Backlinking is a vital part of successful SEO audit. If you have content or anything linking to high authority website it’s a plus point for your online business. During the audit, be sure to check how many backlinks your site has and they are coming from which websites.

4. Title Tag

The Title tag looks good with proper keywords. Through this way, it achieves good ranking on the search engine pages.

5- Meta Tags attachment

Using meta tags and titles make a link visible and helpful for search engine optimization. The meta tags and descriptions help a website visible even from a distant.

6- Website speed

Though it doesn’t come under SEO, it affects the Google’s ranking. It enables a person to have a good experience. The report should include the website speed and whether or not it loads fast.

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