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  • 23 Oct 2018

The More Productive Your Are, The Happier You Are

productive work

The more productive you are, the happier you are. And of course the vice versa, the happier you are the more productive you are, is also true.

You must have experienced the relief and lightness that you feel whenever you are done with a difficult project. The first proposition is easily proved by this. The good vibe or simply a good feeling you have after completing a task. That’s how you know that productive workers are happy workers. No one can refute this. And to proof the second proposition there are recent studies to vouch for.

Researchers at the University of Warwick and Harvard Business Review independently worked on the connection between productivity and happiness and found out that happiness considerably increases your productivity from 12-31 percent. Not only that, they have also found out that happiness increased creativity up to 3%. So, this is huge, isn’t it?

So, what can you do to be happier so that you can be more productive and in turn become even happier through your productivity? How can you turn a happy worker is a productive worker theory into reality?

Cultivate Happiness:

You probably heard the self-help catchphrase that happiness is a decision. Happiness is what you at a given moment decide to feel no matter what. Yes, there may be moments when no matter how much you try, you just can’t feel happy. But with practice and patience, you can cultivate a lasting happiness within you and you will feel happy, joyful and at ease most of the time. So, try to uphold such attitude within you that you will not let external occurrences mess up with your inner happiness. Nor will you let your thoughts or emotions, be it the guilt of past horrors or worries of future uncertainties, mar the beauty of your present moment. Thus, you have to cultivate happiness within you. Research some more stuff into mindfulness and meditation to get more help on how do you keep yourself and your staff motivated.

Have a To-Do List:

Another easy trick to be more productive and feel much happier is to maintain a to-do list. By maintaining a to-do list you will fulfill multiple purposes at the same time. You will have an organized idea of all the tasks at hand in your mind. In a sense, you will feel in control of your day. Besides, whenever you will complete a task and tick it off, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and pleasure for completing each task that will reinforce your determination and drive to go for the next one.

Set Goals:

Goal setting is considered one of the most essential elements for achieving higher productivity and success. Goal setting and organizing your to-do list should go hand in hand. According to your weekly, monthly and yearly goals, you should break daily goals into your daily to-do list. If you set clear and realistic goals and pace towards reaching those as per your ability, you will constantly feel driven and motivated. There always will be something to look forward to and make you jump out of bed and off to work on your dream goals.


Disorganization around you can never be good when you are trying to be organized, productive and happy. It’s just too basic an issue to be included here. Yet, there are many of us who often fail to keep our surroundings clean and tidy. If your room, workstation and home are disorganized, it will have a massive impact on your inner state of balance subconsciously. As a result, you will keep losing a vital amount of your energy unconsciously. So, in order to be happy and productive keep your work and living environment as tidy as possible.


A study shows that about 80% of adult Americans do not have adequate amount of daily exercise that they require to lead a healthy and happy life. No matter how many times you read and hear that even 10 minutes of daily exercise can do wonders for your health, you just seem to be insensitive enough not to do it. There’s nothing more to say about the utmost importance of exercise for a healthy life. You just have to do it! And feel the difference yourself.

Time Management:

If you are honestly setting your goals and earnestly making and following your to-do list then you are already doing time management for yourself. Whenever you are setting your goals, you are also setting an amount of time against it and the same goes for your to-do list. However, for even further management of time, you can also have a daily routine accompany your to-do list. Your routine should specify each of your work in as much details as possible. Which activity should take how much time of your day should be decided according to your goals and to-do list. Don’t forget to put enough time for rest and entertainment into your daily routine.

A happy worker is a productive worker theory is true. So, if you have been concerned lately with productivity and happiness or how do you keep employees motivated and happy, then follow the above guidelines and tell your staff to read this post.

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