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  • 22 Jan 2018

Teething Myths And Realities


Teething period of a child’s life is significant not only for the child but also for parents. There have been a lot of myths and superstitions regarding this phenomenon of a child’s life since ancient times. But as parents, instead of going with the popular teething myths, you should know the realities in order to ensure right care for your child.

It Is Too Early To Teeth:

There is no absolute age for teething. Do not worry if you think your child is teething earlier than others. Every child is different, so is yours. The average age of the bottom middle teeth to come out is 4-6 months, but some children teeth before or after. There is nothing abnormal in that. Some children are even born with teeth in their mouth called natal teeth.

They Are Too Old To Not Have Any Teeth:

Just like there’s not too-early-to-teeth age, there’s no too-late-to-teeth age as well. Do not worry about late teething of your child. It is exceedingly rare for children to not have any teeth or teeth to never come out. According to the records, a handful of babies don’t have teeth at their one-year check-up but, but they soon get some. So you really do not need to pass your days worrying about your child having no teeth at all or having them too late. Even if they have their teeth later than most children do, it is not abnormal and does not signify anything wrong with the children’s health. It is just another teething myth.


Teething Does Not Bring The ‘SYMPTOMS’:

Another widely believed notion or teething myth is teething causes children to fall sick, such as have a fever and be cranky. The rise of temperature which can be occurred due to teething is too less to even be noticed, researchers say. There’s no proof of the commonly linked symptoms with teething actually having a link with it. The truth is all children teeth and all of them have occasional sleep disturbances, drool and runny noses. Trying to determine if the teething causes these symptoms in a particular child is pretty difficult.


As parents, you should remember that teething is not an ailment that needs to be treated. Rather unsupervised treatments of your child from various unsubstantiated sources at the teething age can cause harm. From something as invasive as lancing the gums to using teething gels or essential oils can have consequences. It is best to stay away from these and let the process go on naturally.

Don’t let common teething myths fool you. If your child has severe symptoms, don’t attribute them to teething. Don’t treat normal behavior with medication. Don’t assume that teething treatments are without risk.

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