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  • 25 May 2018

8 Proven Tips for Successfully Scaling an E-commerce Business

E-commerce Business

In today’s competitive world, e-commerce businesses are growing at a very rapid pace. More and more are switching to the internet and opening eStore in order to sell their products and services online. Undoubtedly, Online shopping has become a big convenience for global buyers and sellers to buy and sell their products and services fast and efficient.

Although many consumers across the globe prefer to shop online, this enables them to explore different online brands. But the main issue here is – scaling. This is the biggest issue for any eStore which is unable to cultivate client procurement and dependability. Any individual who has been in online business for long will agree to this. Now the question is – How to scale e-commerce business successful?

So, Let’s have a Look at the 8 eCommerce Business Tips that can be Helpful for Successful Scaling

1. Create an Attractive Landing Page

An attractive landing page can create wonder if design carefully. You should invest in a good landing page design because according to Marketo, around 96% of your site visitors buy from your store after visiting the landing page. So, whether you are seeking to launch a new product line, or planning for a referral program, give special consideration to the landing page along with compelling Call-to-Action.

2. Optimize Search Engine Ranking

If you own an online store with limited local traffic, you need to boost up your SEO for business growth. According to Search Engine Watch, “Near Me” searches on Google have multiplied in last two years. So, in order to get positive results, you need to optimize search engine ranking, by using both long-term and short-term digital marketing methods like SEO, SMM, PPC etc. These strategies are very effective to boost online traffic.

3. Products Recommendation

This is another important tip you need to follow for successful scaling eCommerce business. Remember, you just have three seconds to get your customers hooked on the discounts and another offer on your website. Product recommendation helps online customers to take a look at the best products website tends to offer.

4. Take Care of your Email Marketing

Email marketing is another most crucial aspect you need to consider. According to the report by Statista, email reaches 90.9% of the users by 2019. So, that’s why around 70% customers still prefer emails as a means of communication. The three types of emails useful here are- welcome note, cart recovery emails, and re-engagement reminders.

5. Friendly Push Notification

We can’t deny the importance of push notifications. For 70% consumers, these are most valuable part of the marketing strategies. These can help you to focus on the right consumers at the right time because the technology it runs is on the activity of the mobile and demographics. Missing out push notifications on mobile and desktop is difficult than emails, as they get lost quickly. The friendly push notification can be done by-

● Notifying customers about back-in stock products and on-going sale
● Sharing location-based deals
● Recovering ignored shopping carts
● Recommending products based on purchased or browsing history.
● Sending time-sensitive price alerts.

6. Create a Progressive Web App ( PWA)

Progressive Web App (PWA) was established in 2015. The main aim is to make the user experience of mobile users smooth. Today, around 80% of online shoppers use their hand-held mobile devices to shop online, look for reviews and locate pocket-friendly deals. The PWA removes the issue of downloading the apps and offer better loading experience, sending push notifications on the internet-enabled devices.

7. Use Blogging

In 2018, other than case studies and social media, blogging is the most important content marketing tactics. So, it’s no wonder to see that blogging has become a common yet influential practice for any business. The common themes are sourcing conversion optimization, delivery, shipping and product selection.

8. Live Chat

Live chat is the easiest and fastest communication supported by many websites. According to a recent study by Forrester, around 10% order value increases when potential customers talk about the products on live chat. This is because the response time of the chat is 2 minutes 40 second, which is enough for consumers to get an instant response.


These are the 8 proven tips if you are looking for the best ways to scaling your eCommerce business. Read carefully and follow them to achieve ultimate heights.

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