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  • 23 Nov 2017

How to Spot a Reliable Personal Injury Lawyer?


Personal injury lawyers are the lawyers or attorneys who are specialized in handling cases of physical or psychological harm caused by negligence or wrongdoing of another person, company, government agency, or other entity. Personal injury lawyers tend to practice primarily the area of law known as tort law that is civil wrong. The most common types of incidents they handle include accidents, work injuries, medical mistakes, defective products, etc. Most cases handled by personal injury lawyers are settled rather than going to trial.

So, unfortunately, if you or somebody you know is in this type of a situation and end up needing help of a personal injury lawyer, here’s how to find a reliable personal injury lawyer.

Ask Your Peers

Engaging in any legal battle will presumably require a lot of patience from your part, that too when you are personally injured or harmed in some way or the other. So, the best tip for hiring a personal injury lawyer would be to start slow and steady by asking your friends and family and the people around you whom you can rely on. They can give you the best suggestions based on their knowledge or first-hand experiences. Also having known people in common with your lawyer will help both of you to know each other faster, which is essential for your case.

Hit the Web

Your second destination would be the internet. There are lots of lawyer referral services and lawyer directories that you will be able to access online and find a reliable personal injury lawyer. Also, you can check personal business sites or profiles of the lawyers to be able to judge them and their way of work well before approaching them. You can shortlist the potential ones and then run a thorough search on them, their experiences, cases they won, education etc. All these are available on the web nowadays. This will help you make a comparative study among the professionals to finally be able to choose the best one for yourself.

Professional Networking Sites

A very good and convenient way to choose any professionals for hiring is to visit the professional networking sites. Experts and professionals themselves rely on sites like this. Your first few choices can be LinkedIn and NetProReferral. NetProReferral is an easily accessible professional networking site with hundreds of professionals listed and referred by other experts. User-friendly search engine, zone wise search options and customizable needs section easily makes it one of the 1st choices of those who want to get the best out of their effort in short time.

Look for Experience and Expertise

Along with the potential hires’ educational background and current organization you must check how much experienced they are in handling the type of legal help you are seeking and the success rate? Knowing these will definitely turn decision-making easier for you.

Are They Asking the Right Questions?

When you are searching and evaluating a personal injury lawyer notice whether they are asking enough questions to know about your predicament. One of the very first conditions of a good case is how much the lawyer knows about it. If he is an experienced and good lawyer he will ask you even for the smallest of details and will give you confidence to confide in him. Remember you should get another lawyer if you think he is not interested to know about your case even after the stage of first meeting.

Don’t Blindly Rely on Reviews

There are lots of fake and biased reviews online. If you want to choose a reliable network for referrals, choose the sites like NetProReferral. Web searching is not the last stage of choosing a personal injury lawyer. How you feel about him/ her at the end of the list making, comparisons, and thorough internet browsing will lead to the final decision.

The Money Talk

Never leave any ambiguity about the fee. How much is the regular charge, if there are any hidden charges, if the lawyer thinks your case is special and plans on charging you differently, how is the fee decided, these are the few key things you must make clear before doing the final hiring. You do not want any other shock waiting for you at the end of the case on top of the personal injury you are currently dealing with.


If you keep in mind the above-mentioned steps of hiring a personal lawyer for yourself or your near and dear ones, you should be able to do it properly. All the best to you and never ignore gut feeling!

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