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  • 06 Feb 2018

Sometimes It's OK To Break Up With Your Customers.Here's Why?

Break Up With Customers

There are times when things just won’t go right. There will be times when your client will just go rogue. We all have had such experiences of dealing with difficult clients. And there are times when no matter how much you try you will not be the best fit for your client.

In such situations, always remember that it is okay to break up with clients or customers if things are not just working out properly. Just like we cut and trim the branches of plants for greater plant health we will have to cut ties with some customers for better health of our business. Here are the most prominent reasons for which you might have to break up with your customer and how you can do it the right way.

The Customer Is Abusive:

Some customers are enjoyable to deal with and there are some that you have to manage. But if the customer turns out to be downright abusive then you should not tolerate it anymore and break up respectfully. There are various kinds of abusive behavior from a client from showing blatant disrespect to verbal abuse. Anything can happen. So, you have to be prepared for such incidents and have a mindset to break free whenever that happens.


Simply put, if you are software as a service provider you simply can’t provide hardware assistance to your clients. But some clients would just refuse to understand and have overtly unrealistic expectations from you. If the client keeps expecting from you unreasonable outcomes in spite of your explaining that you are not entitled to provide such services then probably you should move on. If you put up with such clients too long it will only hurt your business and its reputation. So, the faster you realize and break up with the client the better it will be for you.

Not Faithful:

Like in any personal relationships, faith is also essential in business relations. But at times you will find clients who just refuse to acknowledge the necessity of faith in a successful business relationship. They may compromise a better deal with your competitor without letting you know. Are they doing business with your competitors without letting you know? Are they disclosing your secrets to them? Then you should break up with your client without further ado.


No matter how great a service you provide, some clients will just not be satisfied. Such clients have a mindset of not getting satisfied with the services they get. In such situation, you as a business can simply end up losing the much-needed trust in you. I mean, it is easy to lose faith in yourself when your clients are not satisfied with your services. But be careful of such clients and always remember that it is not your fault. Just cut ties with the client immediately but always be respectful without losing your cool.

Causing Loss:

Some clients can turn out to be simply not profitable. It is maybe because they take too much of your time or resources, or maybe due to their ever-increasing demand. No matter what be the cause, you should get rid of unprofitable clients for the sake of your business.

How to Break Up:

Now, as you are sure that you have to break up with a particular client, it is time to know exactly how you should do that. Always remember to be respectful to your clients while breaking up. Try to fulfill any due promises that may be a part of your deal signed with the client initially and be prepared for some tantrums on their part. Try to face the truth and do it in person or over the phone. Keep a lawyer standby in case the matter turns out to be too hot.

Breaking up with a client may be sad and fearful but you should accept the reality of it. You should know that the relationship will only make the situation even worse. Sometimes, the best way is the way out.

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