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  • by Net Pro Referral
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  • 11 May 2017

The Smallest and Smartest Guide to Online Referral Programs

Want to tap into the power of your referral resources through running successful online referral programs? Then you are on the right track on the way of expanding your business.

Referral resources and word of mouth marketing can bring an enormous amount of new businesses on your way. So, it is always a good idea to run a referral marketing campaign time to time to keep your referral resources moving and circulating.

However, running an effective online referral program is not an easy task. There are so many things to consider and so many details to track that things can easily go wrong and fail to bring about positive results.

A successful online referral program would:

1. accurately evaluate the taste and preferences of its target audience and set the incentives or rewards accordingly.

2. It would carefully design the referral pages and refer button to be put on web pages and social platforms.

3. It will create an appealing stand-alone landing page for referral purposes.

4. It will also conduct split testing with various rewards and different structures to find out the best one.

5. It will run promotional campaigns to advertise the online referral program.

6. Above all, the program will streamline itself as it keeps growing.

However, to do all these you may take some professional help or may get help from some online referral programs conducting software and online platforms.

Here we have listed the best of such online referral software for you to choose from:

● Ambassador

● Rewards team

● Referral Saasquatch

● Genius Referrals

● Referral Rock Software

● RefersionRocket Referrals

● Referral Rock

● Addshoppers

Finally, there comes the unique platform With NetProReferral you can run a one of a kind best referral programs without offering any reward or incentive. Just open up a profile for your professional practice or business and start getting referred by the people you know, other professional experts and other businesses around you. Isn’t it smart?

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