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  • 27 Sep 2018


Good Manager

More often than not, good managers are rare breeds and are not easily found in the corporate woodwork. Finding someone with excellent characteristics of a good manager is even more difficult.

You probably have seen them. Their ability to make decisions with great empathy and sheer wisdom is something that only a true leader possesses. Organizations usually face trouble finding these managers.

It is not that they have a low budget or they invest in costly training programs. It is because they know what qualities they truly seek for a managerial position in their company. Below mentioned are the ones they look for in their key players.

Their Love Towards Company’s Culture:

A good manager is a leader in itself and aims to achieve high. However, the best manager focuses on the unique qualities of the organization that turns most people off. They do not believe in investing in the company, but the culture it has.

The best manager would take this to their heart and focuses for the betterment of the organization. Even if the job is too strenuous to handle, they love the culture. They believe it is the culture that drives the company and affects the sale directly.

They Have a Contagious Positive Attitude:

This is one of the most proficient characteristics of a successful manager . They don’t complain about the work that needs to be done. They find the most effective way to execute their plan and to accomplish the task of a project.

Team-mates love them, feel excited and get tons of vigor when they are around. Their inspiring greatness motivates the entire team and drives them to do more. Their main focus is to find the solution to the problem.

Prioritizing the Focus:

The key to success hides in sustained focus. Their ability to extend focus on a certain project for a prolonged period is what makes them a successful manager. They can easily operate multiple projects at once and ensure the complete functionality.

Lack of focus is the key element why organizations fail. Core ability to sustain ruthless focus is what makes a manager to conquer challenges. They pick the three most impact-driven projects out of the list of ten and engage their team to work upon them.

Result Oriented Mindset:

One of the characteristics of a good manager that brings results is, their ability to weave result-oriented strategies. Their competitive nature and quality of taking pride in their achievements drive them to accomplish goals. They are the real team players and often take the entire team together for the company’s welfare.

They rely on themselves and not others. They are not afraid of a confrontation and barely hesitate to express their opinion. They look for the most sustainable and comfortable way to lead a team. Their ability to negotiate business deals is what makes them a successful manager.

Perfect Use of Creativity:

If you could separate competence from excellence, you would need a tablespoon of creativity for that matter. This core element is what propels projects towards success and completion and brings the desired results.

This is something that enables them to know even without using rational process. This is what we call intuition in layman’s language.

The above-mentioned characteristics bring a huge impact on the results and take the organization’s sales to a whole new level. If you are pursuing your career in a managerial role, the qualities mentioned in the article for a good manager, are quite essential. It matters not if this career option is new to you. What matters is your dedication and ability to grasp the necessary skills. Hope this write-up helps you.

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