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  • 11 May 2018

Problem - Solving is vital for legal career

lawyer career

You may have seen all the crime shows on the Netflix like Law & Order and may think that the ability to argue in a courtroom filled with people is the most intrinsic quality of a lawyer. But, that’s not entirely true. Of course, the theatrical aspect of standing in a courtroom and presenting your arguments does have a nice appeal to it, but there’s more to the legal career than the theatrical aspect of handling a legal case.

To be a successful lawyer, what you need more than anything is a problem-solving attitude. If you’re wondering how do lawyers solve the problem, this it’s this attitude that helps them do that. You need to be able to analyze things from different perspectives that others fail to see and come-up with a solution. Simply talking about a problem never does any good. Not just in a courtroom, but in life too. Therefore, if you are thinking about becoming a lawyer, make sure to practice problem-solving skills. Think about how you look at a problem.

How to Develop a Problem- Solving Attitude to become a Lawyer :

Practice Emotional Intelligence - A lawyer cannot afford to be emotional. That’s a given. Instead of getting overwhelmed with a situation, analyze it from a neutral perspective. Do not get involved with the situation. Instead, practice remaining level-headed no matter how the situation is.

Active Listening - As a lawyer, you will be hearing different sides of a story. Therefore, it’s important that you be good at listening. A good listener is able to pick-up on important cues that may be monumental to solving a case. As a lawyer, if you are not good at listening, then start working on this particular skill.

Probing and Reflecting - Simply practicing active listening is not enough. You should have the ability to probe and reflect on the things that a person said. You should ask questions to support the listening to get to the bottom of the things.

The Desire to find the Solution - Above all, you should have the desire to develop a problem-solving attitude. Test yourself in small situations. How do you go about handling everyday problems that come your way? Do you find yourself stuck pondering about the problem? Or you shift your focus immediately from talking about the problem to talking about the solution. Practice these things every day.

Attention to Detail - A lawyer can never skip on small details. And, you know what they say. Devil is in the details. In fact, it’s often the small details of a case that provide the real solution and the true winning factor. For any lawyer to be successful in his field, it’s crucial that they have the ability to note down small crucial details all the while looking at the big picture.

Conclusion :

Problem-solving attitude is important in all spheres of life. But, it’s all the more important when you are into legal professional because a lawyer is a problem-solver.

You need to start the practice to become a lawyer right from the time you start your studies and the practice will go away until you’ve actually become a professional.

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