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  • 26 Dec 2017

Is Your Practice Looking to Bring on a New Associate Dentist?

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The idea of hiring a new associate dentist for your dental practice is beneficial in multiple cases like overflowing customers or wish to retire. But there are a few things one must keep in mind before and while looking to bring a new associate dentist.

Call for Interviews:

To hire an associate dentist, you can either publish a formal/informal circular or ask people you know in the business to refer good and trustworthy dentists. Meeting more people will only give you a better idea of what you are looking for and what you are not. You can get interviewees both ways and choose from the best options for your dental practice.

Look Online:

You can also look online and approach the persons with the criteria that best fits your practice. In order to find a potential suitable associate dentist for your dental practice, you can visit trustworthy sites like NetProReferral and LinkedIn. There are thousands of profiles of people looking to get hired in Linkedin. You can visit their profiles and analyze their abilities, talent and demands keeping in mind your requirement. NetProReferral is a professional referral site. You will find here trustworthy professionals referring other professionals based on their personal and professional experiences. Thus you can save a lot of your and the other people’s time by looking for an associate dentist online rather than interviewing a lot of people.

Know Your Numbers:


Even before trying to select an associate dentist for your practice, you have to assess your needs and abilities. You cannot bring a new person to your business without assessing the investments and turnovers. Before hiring an associate dentist you have to know if you/ your business can afford one. Does your business earn you enough to pay one more employee? Your business will increase when there’s one more doctor seeing patients and earning for your practice but remember you have to pay the employee at the end of every month without any excuse.



Establish a trial period for the new associate dentist in order to know if he/she is suitable for your business. Try to see how the person on trial works, what are the ways he/she can improve, or if he/she has any scope of improvement at all to know if he/she can be hired for a longer period of time to positively grow your business. The trial period is very important for hiring the best associate dentist for your dental practice.


This point comes after the hiring and the trial are over. There’s a lot to teach the new employee for the benefit of your business only. You need to remember to show strong and positive leadership once you are done hiring. Be a role model, give him/ her reasons to aspire to be like you. Gradually you will become a mentor and a teacher. Make him/ her feel that the practice is his/her own too and anything good or bad about the business is his/her credit or discredit as well.

Do not expect your new associate to make money or own patient base at the very beginning. Give him/ her some time. With potential and opportunities he/she can prove to be really beneficial for your dental practice. Following the above ways, you can hire a suitable associate dentist for your dental practice.

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