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  • 27 Aug 2018


referral program

Customer referrals play an important role for the industries to acquire fresh and qualified leads. Referral promotion ideas have benefited apps and web-based industries over the last few years significantly. However, it still requires a massive amount of awareness and education to get your referral program into the mainstream.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss some crucial facets of building a reliable referral program. By implementing these key aspects, anyone can boost their customer referral program.

Using Rewards That Are Non-Monetary:

More often, in the marketing channels, referral programs usually find a way to restructure themselves over the time. In the early days, referral programs used to deal with cash rewarding through PayPal and credit. As an example, they would give away $10 for a $10 program and that’s how it went back in those days.

Then entered Dropbox and it revolutionized the entire picture. They re-invented how a user thinks and adapted according to a client’s mindset. They have learned that a user is more interested in earning extra storage than to have a cash incentive. This drastically evolved their platform. You too think in that way to offer more suitable incentives for your referral programs.

Focusing on Users:

One of the creative ways to get referrals is, by targeting your end users. Though not all the users you get will be motivated to promote your product or service. Few will gladly do it, and some may ignore. However, over a period of time, you will get referrals by focusing on the true admirers of your service.

So, your referral program has to be targeted at the users that are getting the real value of your product. Targeting a specific user-base will ensure that your program is delivering the required results. Also, tailoring the particular reward will keep them motivated and enhance your customer base.

Instant Reward Gratification:

The concept of instant reward is an important key for any referral based program. A core motivation that works like anything is to allow gratification by instant rewarding. The same implementation can be manoeuvred by creating the reward structure which is accessible to a user.

As the time passes, a user passively becomes aware of the referral program and navigates your deployed strategy. Because this tactic is the reciprocal of the gifting system, it does not deter a user from having a product experience.

Visibility Of The Program:

Program visibility is one of the creative ways to get referrals that enhances the visibility of the program, without affecting the product experience. It actually encourages the user to promote your program to their peers.

Some portals place their referral program on their front page to gain the attention of the users. Therefore, giving the user a constant reminder of your service gets them engaged in the strategy. Given that the user will get the reward instantly, they start interacting with this tactic.

Recognizing The Power Of Referrals:

There is a key area that a number of referral programs do not care to optimize. It is called the re-engagement process. Recognizing this key aspect that fetches more referrals can only add more value to your user-base.

It’s common sense that you are more likely to re-engage your customers into the program once they had previous experience with you. Unfortunately, many app-based companies do not have an inbuilt notification system to remind their users.

It is important to follow-up your end user for encouraging them to earn more rewards. This can be easily done by re-engaging their interest in the referral program.

There are  to enhance the company’s earning. Whether you are targeting a specific type of users or, you are choosing to go with the right rewarding system. The point is, the key to an unbeatable referral program is the deployment of the right strategy with consistent efforts. Also, keep your tactics in check and always look for the loopholes and possible improvements for better results.

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