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  • 04 Sep 2018

What to Do When Your Marketing Isn’t Working?

marketing is not working

Every business, be it big, small or a startup, needs marketing. Marketing done right makes a huge difference and can potentially determine the success of a company, product or service. But it seems that you are not satisfied with the state of results that you are getting out of your marketing campaigns. No matter which marketing platform you choose and pour how much cash into it, it just seems to fall short of generating results. So, what can you do when your marketing is not working? How to find out the things you are doing wrong? Which best marketing tips and new marketing ideas you should try to make your marketing campaigns a huge success? You will learn exactly this here in this blog post.

Are Your Using Right Marketing Channels?

One of the best marketing tips is using the right marketing channels for your campaigns. Frankly speaking, if your target audience is up, running and vibrant millennials and you are just running TV ads, then your marketing campaign is a sure shot failure. In order to target and get noticed by your target audience, you have to use the channels where they are most likely to be hanging out. You have to go social and also have to be dynamic to reach out to this generation. So at first, make sure that you are using the right marketing platform for your business.

Are You Using Right Messages:

Emotions are what drives people into action and it is emotions of your target audience that you are trying to stir through your marketing materials. But the ways to get the emotional response varies from person to person. And that’s why you have to send out personalized and targeted messages to entice your prospects. So, have a careful look at the kind of marketing messages you are using on your marketing campaigns. Are they really powerful or effective enough to stir up the emotions in your target audience? Practising such a discerning attitude is one of the powerful marketing tips for small business.

Have You Managed to Create the Brand Image Your Need?

Another one of the great marketing tips and tricks is to invest thought and resources into crafting the image of your brand the way it will be most appealing to your target audience. Find out the most intriguing aspects of your industry that attracts the most amount of prospects. What are the unique selling points that are most appealing to your audience? What characteristics in you will make every one of your prospects want to do business with you? Once you have cracked the answers to these questions, you are ready to craft the image of your brand in that specific way. And keep using these characteristic words and vibe in each of your marketing campaigns and business procedure. If being fun and upbeat is your part of the image then use such fun words and show humour in the way you do business too.

Are You Consistent in Your Marketing?

Whether you are blogging, doing social media or running Google AdWords campaigns, make sure you maintain consistency in terms of quality content as well as your brand image. Go through all of your blogs and marketing contents to find out the bad apples. Low-quality content can put off your audience and mar your reputation for good. Besides, not having consistency in line with your brand image can give confusing signals to your audience resulting in a loss of trust on their part.

Are Your Marketing and Sales Department Well Integrated?

This is one of those marketing tips and tricks that most of the businesses fail to consider. But if your marketing and sales teams are not aware of the campaigns they are running, then it can result in failure of both. On the other hand, if the two teams are working in unison then they will be able to bring magical results into their campaigns. The sales team will know which prospects to target with what kind of messages in line with the kind of campaigns the marketing is running right now. In this way, the sales results can dramatically improve. On the other hand, marketing too can discuss with sales about which kind of messages seem to work best with the prospects or which approach seem to put them off to accordingly tweak their marketing materials.

Are Your Using Analytics to The Fullest?

Most of us use the analytics tools just to see how are we doing. How many visited our pages or liked our posts and such and such. But one of the best marketing tips is to use analytics to the fullest to listen to your audience and to know your audience precisely. Through analytics try to find out which posts, which content and which messages are getting the most response. Test multiple content formats and messaging to get the best-performing ones, then continue with the best for some time. This way, use analytics to get the most out of your marketing campaigns.

There can be many more reasons behind your marketing campaign’s not bringing the desired results. But the ones described above are the major such reasons. Hope, these reasons and the new marketing ideas along with them will help you to get over the shortcomings.

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