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  • 31 Aug 2017

How to Make Your Referral Program Truly Cross-Platform

Referral Program

Running referral programs are essential for growing your business. Without proper utilization of the power of referral marketing or word of mouth no business can succeed. So, businesses have been running referral program for ages. But in today’s world running referral marketing programs are becoming increasingly broad in terms of using diverse communication channels. In other words, the major challenge for pulling out a successful referral campaign now is building a truly cross-platform referral campaign.

Here are some helpful thoughts:

Importance of Going Mobile

In today’s world, every marketer knows the importance of mobile commerce. The statics glaringly suggest the amount of purchases done solely through smartphones are skyrocketing and even surpassing the desktops. Today’s buyers are doing most of their e-commerce through their smartphones. Or to tell you the secret, through those very cute little apps in their phones. So, what we can see is that only those brands that have adopted and developed wonderful cross-platform referral platforms have amassed most of the growing market.

What Is a Cross-Platform Referral Program?

Truly cross-platform referral program means that your referral program is separately developed both for desktop browsers and for smartphones through user friendly apps. Why many referral programs and online businesses fail is that they just use the same interfaces on the desktop and slap them on the face of their visitors on web browsers. And that’s where most the customers drop away from the buyer’s journey that you have created for them. Don’t do the same mistake and create mobile apps to flood the app stores.

The Biggest Mistake

As I have already stated, the biggest mistake is to run the same desktop interfaces on mobile campaigns. That’s why most of the cross-platform referral programs fail. You have to have distinct interfaces for mobile and desktops with same links to land on for customers. Therefore, a truly cross platform program will centralize the whole campaigns yet be fully specific on different platforms.

Tracking Differently

However, due to being separate interfaces on different platform you should track performance separately for each platform. Naturally, while running referral marketing campaigns you would need to track which designs and marketing messages are working best on which platform and would want to streamline those accordingly. Besides tracking on mobile works much differently than it is on the desktop web.

So, the bottom line is that having a fully cross-platform referral program will certainly multiply your conversion rate and increase your business significantly.

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