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  • 10 Jan 2018

How Lawyers Use Social Media For Business


With the growing influence of internet on our lives, social media has taken the center stage of all the happenings. Be it for business or just for hanging out with friends social media is the go-to destination for all. Amid such social media upheaval, professionals like lawyers to are exploring various aspects of social media to leverage their business prospects and opportunities.

Here we have discussed some of the ways you can use social media as a lawyer to benefit your business growth.

Knowing the Best Social Media Platforms for Lawyers:

Not all social media platforms are suitable for all kinds of professionals. Such as, platforms like Instagram or flicker would be great for a photographer but almost useless of lawyers. For lawyers, however, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and NetProReferral would be the most suitable platform to get connected and reap the most out of the social media endeavors. Therefore, social media for lawyers mostly involves proper use of these platforms.

Knowing the Use of Your Most Preferred Platforms:

Each of the social media platforms has its own ways of operation and different set of benefits. However, getting acquainted with them is not much difficult for you. Just a few days of use will make it a piece of cake for you. However, the trick is to know and use the special features and facilities of each of the platform. Like LinkedIn and NetProreferral are professional networking sites great for connecting with other professionals on the other hand Facebook and Twitter are great for gathering a huge following for your business.Besides, there are some specific tips and tricks on using a particular social channel, like using hashtags on Twitter, which you have to master.  So, you have to deal with each of the platforms respectively.


Another great tool for lawyers to utilize the power of social media is the effective use of blogging. Through blogging, you can garner the attention of your target audience and build authority within your industry.  Write useful and attractive blogs on contemporary legal issues that your audience would be able to relate with and share them on your social profiles.

Connecting with Professionals:

Apart from garnering the attention of your target audience, another use of social media for lawyers is to connect with other professionals and creating referral sources. Through effective use of the social media platforms, you will be able to expand and strengthen your referral network. Connect with the targeted professionals through social media and engage through useful communication. NetProReferral specifically is a very useful platform for getting a powerful referral network. You can also comment your relevant blog links to their social media posts or can just help them with your knowledge and expertise through connecting and commenting on social media.

So, basically these are the core issues regarding lawyers and social media and how is social media for lawyers. Social media presence is essential for each and every type of business right now and if you are a lawyer trying to boost up your social media presence these issues will greatly help you.

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