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  • 15 Aug 2018

What Kind of Attorney Do I Need for Startup Or Business

business attorney

Let’s face it, whether you own a small business or a large enterprise, you need a business attorney to handle all legal issues associated with your business.

An attorney acts as a backbone of a business and protects you from any legal mess. However, choosing a business attorney needs precise consideration and knowledge. Remember, a family lawyer will not fight your business case. So, before heading towards the main topic, you should know who is a business attorney and what kind of lawyer do you need.

Who Is a Business Attorney?

When it comes to the regulations and operation of a business, a business attorney is needed. A good business attorney can provide you with guidance on issues like corporate laws, business regulations, business dispute resolution, and corporate laws.

Type of Cases a Business Attorney Handles

Typically, a business attorney can handle cases like-

Business disputes

Compliance with business laws and regulations

International and interstate legal issues

Inappropriate use of protected business information like trademarks, copyright etc.

A business attorney can represent a number of clients such as insurance agencies, business owners, and other commercial parties.

Kind of Lawyer a Small Business Needs

With so many types of business attorneys available, how to choose the one that fits your needs?


Look for an attorney who is experienced in his field. The one you choose must have an in-depth understanding and should be business minded as well to understand the aspects related to business development, securities, intellectual property and transactional law. Make sure the attorney you choose should have 10+ years experience so he knows all the ins and outs of your business.

One with Professional Chemistry

Choose a right attorney for a startup who has professional chemistry. When it comes to startup context, clients need to work closely with the attorney to make sure they understand the legal processes. Also, it is suggested to work with a lawyer who is compatible with your personalities and can help you understand the legal aspects related to your business.

Good Reputation

Reputation is an important factor to look when choosing a business lawyer for your start-up. Look for a lawyer that has provided excellent legal services to the clients. If you want a lawyer with a good reputation, make sure his process is transparent. He is competent and well-equipped to handle all legal matters. You can check his reviews online to see what clients say about him.


For startups, saving money is quite challenging and when choosing an attorney, you have to make sure that his fees are within your budget. Rather than hourly billing, you should look for one offering flat-fees. You can look online and browse for business lawyers within your budget reach and business needs.

Finding a startup attorney for your business is not a rocket science. However, you should make sure to hire one who is experienced and have years of knowledge in handling startup legal cases.

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