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  • 05 Sep 2018

Most Important Questions for Client Conversion

Client Conversion

Although it is very difficult to trace back any sale to a single contributing factor, the first meetings with the potential clients are definitely one of the most important things that make or break a deal for your business.

Those first meetings are very interesting too in terms of the issues that are going on in your mind. You may be nervous as you want to make sure to have that perfect first impression. You also want to put forth all the relevant details that represent your brand. Besides, you want to ask all the right questions to know more about your clients as well as to make them comfortable with you. So, the questions to ask the client about the first meeting are very important.

The questions to ask your clients will determine how accurately you will gauge their pain points and needs upon which you will have to make your proposal. Besides, through asking the right questions when you are meeting a client for the first time, you will also determine whether you are going to have a long-term business relationship with the client or not.

We can categorize the questions to ask your clients about the first meeting in three stages. The stages are - initial stage, understanding stage, final stage.

Initial Stage:

Initial questions to ask the client at the first meeting are the ones that set the mood and the foundation of the meeting. These also ensure that both the parties are on the same page before moving ahead. Examples of such proper initial questions, after you are done with the “hi and hello” phase, would be:

Mr Client, what are your expectations from this meeting? What are the things you would like to be the outcome of the talks we are having?

Who is the main decision maker in your company? What is the decision-making process?

With the first question initial question, you will get the ideas about what they want from this meeting with you so that you can work towards surpassing their expectations. Besides, with the second question, you will get to know exactly which person in the decision-making chain you are talking to right now. These issues are important to get settled at the initial stage of the meeting and to make sure that both the parties know exactly where they stand.

Understanding Stage:

It is the most important stage of the questions to ask your client on first meeting. From now on, you will try to ask the most relevant questions that will allow you to know as much as possible about the client, their business, their pain points, their needs, their market situation, their expectations from you, what are they looking to achieve from your products and services and so on.

So, the example questions on this stage would look somewhat like these:

Mr Prospect, now that we have known each other, let me know more about your company. What are your mission and vision?

What are your company’s goals over the next five years?

What are the problems you are currently facing while running your business?

Which issues you think needs to be solved as early as possible to make your business more profitable?

What were the results of your previous campaigns?

What are you looking forward to achieving from our products and services?

How can we help you to make your business more profitable?

So, with these questions, you will get to know all about the problems they are facing now and what are they expecting you to do about it. From this point onwards, you can very clearly see exactly where your products and services will fit into your client’s business model and how can your efforts will be able to solve their issues. Now, all you have to do is make your proposal accordingly and seal the deal.

Final Stage:

Many of the salesperson or the deal makers for your company may feel that as soon as you make your prospect ready to seal the deal with you, it’s done. But no it is not. It is just the beginning. Before you say adieu to your new found client, you have to also make sure about the next steps both of you are going to take as you start working together. Here to make it all about them by asking the right questions.

Okay, then! Congratulations, you have just hired the perfect agency for the job! So, how would you want our collaborations to move forward?

When will we talk next about starting the project?

How and when would you want the products to be delivered?

How would you like my men to work with you?

And any such questions that will already set the motion for the next steps to take while you start working on your next project. Through this stage, you will make sure that you do not keep anything hanging.

So, this basically covers all the questions to ask the client on the first meeting and the first client meeting agenda for you. Just have a glance at this list before your very first meeting with a client to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

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