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  • 11 Nov 2016

How To Utilize The Power of Business Referral Groups

Effective interaction with the various business referral group along with having own referral groups is essential for small, entrepreneurial or professional businesses. And to attain an effective business referral group, only distributing business cards is not enough.

Here are some Important Dos and Don’ts for having an Effective Business Referral Group and also for Interacting with other Groups.

Pervasive Communication

To make the referral group that you are in effective, always try to be widely known, be present and well-liked among the other members of the group. For this, you will need a pervasive communication strategy and some stellar PR events targeting the group.

Create Grounds

Do not inappropriately use acquaintances or membership groups without pre-consent. People hate being shocked. So, go through common grounds or create the ground before you throw the referral card on the table.

Help Others

Try to be a generous person or a business among the group. You can take or ask for help when you give it to others. Also helping others is good for your reputation. The much you will help and support your customers the stronger numbers you will get from your business referral groups.


Do not be pushy to lead the group, but also do not turn down when offered to lead. Let the members of the group discover you and be surprised by your business and professional performance and potential.


Keep growing your business referral group. Take part in new things, make acquaintances with new people. Also, expand the range of your interests and involvements. Besides, always be on the lookout to engage with other groups be it online or offline.

Be Realistic

Your colleagues with a similar business in the referral groups are your competitors too. It is better to be realistic and not expect them to be in your referral sources. So, carefully avoid such referral interactions.


Anybody who connects with lots of people but is not people of same expertise is a potential referral. So, reaching beyond your profession for business connection is a good and unique thing to do and it would be a good idea to be flexible while you target potential business referral groups.

Effective Measurement

Do not rush into business relationships and make promises that you cannot keep. So, before embarking on any business deal measure your capacity, timeline, and your clients’ credentials carefully.

Maintain the Chain

Referrals work like a chain reaction. If somebody refers you, make sure that your work provides them with outstanding outcomes and benefits so that they refer you again. And the new customers become new members of your business referral group.

Wise Optimization

3-10 great referral sources are enough for a successful business practice. Choose wisely rather than panicking and rushing to everything you can possibly see. Optimization is the key to saving time and money in business.

So, here you go! Follow these golden rules while interacting with or creating any business referral group for your business or professional practices. To reap the benefits of the one and only referral based professional network sign up on!

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