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  • 23 Apr 2018

How to Be More Effective in Networking?

Effective in Networking

To some networking comes naturally. They not only enjoy it but they are expert at it. Then there are some who dread it like anything.

Regardless, networking is what fuels the growth of a business. No matter if you’re an online entrepreneur, a surgeon, a local businessman or anyone else for that matter; you need to make sure that the right people can promote your business willingly. That’s what networking is all about.

If you’re wondering how you can brush up your networking skills more effectively, then keep reading as it covers some of the most effective networking techniques

1. Learn to Pick the ‘Critical Few’

Upon careful observation, you will notice that there are some people in your life who have at some point helped take your business to the next level. That person could be a colleague, a mentor, a customer or anyone for that matter.

Those are the most critical people you need to focus on. If you haven’t already identified these people, you need to start identifying them. These are the people that you don’t just say hi once in a while. You need to keep in regular touch with them. Send them holiday greetings, emails, know what their interests are and participate actively in whatever they endorse.

2. Remember it’s a two-way Road

You cannot expect to go on and on telling what your business is about without showing some kind of interest in what the other person does. Whenever you’re at an event and trying to approach someone, always make it a point to genuinely express interest in what they do in addition to describing what you do. Like we said, it’s a two-way road. What you give is what you get. In addition to showing interest, you should also offer to give a helping hand.

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3. Be Interesting

If you’re wondering how to network effectively at events, then you need to learn to be interesting. A common networking practice is to attend events and try to strike a conversation with a complete stranger. Make sure that you’re adding something valuable and see to the fact that you bring something new to the table, something unique. Your conversations should be unique and able to arouse curiosity.

4. Surround Yourself with Smart people

We don’t realize it but we tend to pick-up cues from people we’re surrounded by. Unknowingly we start thinking, acting and becoming like them. Therefore, if you want to be effective at networking, you need to start surrounding yourself with smart people. Observe how they talk to others and how they behave. Learn to socialize like a professional and with time you’ll start getting hang of things soon.

5. Keep an Eye out for Upcoming Events

Check out local web portal to keep track of all the upcoming events. This is not to say that you waste time attending every other event that happens. But, it’s good to be knowledgeable about which events might prove beneficial for your career/profession. It’s also good to stay active on portals like LinkedIn and connect with people. Ask them whether they will be attending the next event or not.

Final thoughts

These are some of the ways in which you can definitely move up the ladder of networking all the while honing your skills. If you want to know how to build a referral network, you can check out a post by Net Pro Referral.

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