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  • 01 Feb 2018

What to Do After a Hit and Run Incident?

Accident reaction

Accidents are disheartening and potentially dangerous and if you fall the victim of an accident when it was due to someone else’s fault or carelessness then it outrageous. Moreover, if the case is a hit and run then the blood may start to boil over your head. However, it is imperative to stay calm in such situations and act strategically. Here is step by step procedures that you must follow if you fall victim of a hit and run scenario.

Park Safely:

One of the gravest mistakes that most victims of a hit and run scenario do is to start chasing the culprit in the heat of the moment. But you should never try to chase the culprit. Do not in any circumstance try to chase the culprit. Just pull off and park in a safe place. Trying to go after the culprit, leaving the actual spot of the accident, will only weaken your case and may put you on the same page with the culprit. So, be aware and keep your cool.

Gather Information:

Gather as much information about the whole situation as you can. Try to get a glimpse of the license plate number of the culprit or at least remember the model and color of the vehicle. Take photos of the damage that your car underwent. Take photos of the spot. Note down the details of exactly how the incident occurred.

Find Eye-witnesses:

Ask people around the spot if they saw the incident and gather information from them. Note down their names and addresses. Also, gather information about the vehicle from them if they happened to notice.

Call the Police:

Now immediately call the police and file a complaint. Submit all the information that you have gathered to them. Filing a complaint immediately is very much necessary for the reimbursement of your car insurance in case of a hit and run case.

Call Your Insurer:

The next thing to do if you fall the victim of a hit and run is to contact your insurance company to start the procedure for reimbursement if you have the appropriate coverage. Then, they will get to the culprit after the police find them and facilitate your reimbursement.

Find a Personal Injury Lawyer:

It is also another added measure that you should do. Having a lawyer standby in such situations can prove to be very handy. So, at least start searching for one and keep contacts of one or two best ones whom you can contact when needed. A lawyer will be able to also help you with your insurance reimbursement issues. But if the damage is too minor then probably the fixing cost will be far less than hiring a lawyer. So, do the math beforehand.

So, these are basically all you can do if you encounter a hit and run case. Above all, always be careful while on the road and stay calm when things go wrong.

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