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  • 08 Aug 2017

Handy Tips For Choosing A Web Developer

Web Developer

Choosing a web developer is easy. You just have to see how their work is doing online, simple! But the thing is there are so many web developers around us nowadays that the initial challenge becomes as to with whose work to start judging?

Here are some handy tips to make your task of finding a web developer easy.

Choose a Developer with Programming Skills
The first commandment on how to choose a web developer is - thou shalt know that WordPress is not developing. With WordPress, anybody can make up a website with ready-made templates without any creativity at all. So, what you should consider while hiring a web developer is to look whether they have core programming competence. They should know all the most used programming languages and have working experience with developing with those languages.

Where to Start Looking
Now that you have realized the first commandment of how to choose a web developer, now you should start finding web developers who are really into programming. NetProReferral and LinkedIn would be the go to destinations for you. From these two places, you can very easily get all the web developers around you and can evaluate their work from their profiles. What is more interesting is that from NetProReferral you will be able to evaluate web developers based on referrals from other expert web developers who most often personally know each other. Apart from these, there are so many other online organizations that offer web development services which you can have a go around. Then, there are the freelance marketplaces as well for you to make it all happen within a budget.

Go through the Portfolios
Make a shortlist of all the developers that you have amassed from the above sources. Then go through their portfolios. See how many successful works they have created. Experience the live sites made by them. After evaluating some of their work you will be easily able to feel who is what when it comes to web developing. The sites made by a pro will shout out loud to you, “I am made by an expert!”. Be careful to notice not only the visuals of it but have a go through of all the critical functionalities of the web portals as well.

Should Have Basic of Marketing
Another very essential aspect of a web developer is that he or she must have a basic idea of how the world of internet marketing works. Otherwise, they will not be able to create the right kinds of vibration with their designs. Moreover, they will not be able to create the exact type functionality if site required for the particular niche your business falls in. So, keep this factor in while hiring a web developer.

On Going Support Is Essential
Anybody who has ever worked with a website on a continuous basis would be able to tell you that how various problems might arise out of nowhere. Website maintenance is a task that requires regular troubleshooting. Besides, there are issues of timely design change implementations that often becomes necessary in various occasions. So, before hiring a web developer, make sure that he or she will be available to you for continuous support or at least for further work on your site whenever needed.

Okay, this should cover all there is to know on how to choose professional web developers. Based on the above-mentioned tips and selection criteria you will be able to easily hire the best web developer available to you. Do not forget to let us know how it went out for you!

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