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  • 06 Apr 2017

The Guide to Creating the Best Referral Program

Although running a referral marketing program looks quite easy on the surface of it there are lots of things to think and rethink about for doing it the most effective way.

Without proper planning of certain crucial issues, you will not know how many more business opportunities you are losing that you could otherwise garner through your referral marketing programs and business promotions. Here we will be talking about these crucial issues that will help you to create the best referral program that will bring the most sought after outcomes for your business.

Designing the Incentive

It is the most important aspect of your referral marketing programs. The incentive or reward you give to your referrers and referees are the things that will drive them into action. So, select or design an incentive after proper analysis of your target audience. If possible, conduct a survey to know what motivates them the most - a cash incentive, discount, or any other forms of rewards based on your business promotion and structure.

Streamline the Journey

Be minutely cautious for making the referring process easy and simple so that your referrers do not have to pass too many steps or spend too much time for referring their friends or family to you. Keep the designs of your referral banners, ads and buttons attractive. Besides, pay attention to making the whole process mobile friendly. Besides, always make all of the refer buttons, ads and call to actions to redirect to a single stand-alone referral landing page.

Have Precise Business Promotion

After you have fixed the incentive and designs to put as banner, buttons or call to actions in various places on your website, email templates or on other business communications, you have to be very critical about placing them in the right places. Have your refer buttons and banners in the best possible place on all the relevant pages of your website and other such places like post-purchase thank you pages, invoices, receipt hard copies etc.

Do Solid Marketing

As your referral marketing program is all set up and ready to go, now it is time to spread the news. You will need to do some marketing here. Write some blogs and create some posts about your referral marketing program and share them on social media. Send some emails to your most regarded customers about your referral marketing program and ask them to participate. Besides, you may also consider running a paid business promotional campaign to give a boost to your referral marketing program.

Monitor and Optimize

After all these, your work with your best referral marketing program is still not finished. Now you have to keep constantly monitoring your program to see how it is working. Whether your referrers are facing any problem or not. If so, then what are the ways to improve. Moreover, you may also run split testing with various types of incentives to know what is working most effectively.

And finally, at this stage, you may proudly boast of the best referral program that you have created for your business promotions.

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