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  • 02 Jan 2018

Give Referrals to Get Referrals: The Best Leads You’ve Ever Had 


Everyone understands that referrals are the base of any business. To get referrals, firstly you need to give referrals. Whenever you give referrals to other, it makes them realize that you really value them. They will surely respect you for your efforts and will show their gratitude by giving a referral in return. This process can be known as referral exchange program, “Give referral and get referrals”. The points you should remember while giving referrals:

● Make sure the referrals you’re giving are relevant. Don’t give any referral just for the sake of giving referrals.

● Don’t make your prospects realize that you’re sending the referrals for your sake. Should be authentic, reliable, and trustworthy.

● Confirm that you’re giving the referrals to the right people before sending.

● Also, ensure that the referrals you are giving are delivering properly.

If you’re meeting this criterion, send the referral without making any delay and get rewarded in return with referrals. Before you start giving referrals, you need to build trust. Represent yourself as an industry expert. Here are some reasons why you should give referrals as much as possible to your network:

1. Create Expert Trust And Status: 

To be an expert, you should have complete knowledge of your industry. Share your knowledge with people and make them believe that you're an expert. Sending relevant referrals is one of the easiest ways to earn people’s trust.

2. Enhance Your Value To Your Clients: 

Whenever someone refers you to others, his value increases in your eyes. Similarly, when you give referrals to other people, they start respecting you and feel like they owe you. Make a concession and wait for your opponent to reciprocate.

3. Represent yourself as quality referral source: 

Everyone knows that referrals are unforgettable. When you give potential referrals to prospects, you build a unique identity in their good list. A quality referral gives a valid reason to your prospects to contact you and this contact can convert into your lead. This is the only reason you should give quality referrals and build your reputation as a quality referral source in the market. For the better feedback, give at least two to three referrals, and get more close to your prospects.

4. Build the business relationship: 

Make other business owners realize that you’re really valuable to them by sending quality referrals. Give referrals only to those who deserve them. Build connection only with those companies from where you’re getting some response. Don’t waste your precious time on areas that will never come to fruition. Quality referrals help you build a strong relationship with your clients and boost your business growth simultaneously.

These are some points which are representing why you should get involved in referral exchange program. Become a reliable referral source for others and get referrals from them. Referral exchange program is the only way to get potential and best referrals. This is because whenever you get a referral through referral exchange program, the chances of its conversion into lead are high.

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