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  • 17 Oct 2017

How to Get More Patients into Your Dental Practice

Get More Patients

Are you looking for new and ingenious ways to bring more patients into your dental practice for growing it rapidly?

Here are some dental marketing ideas you might find useful.

A user-friendly website

Before going to a doctor most people check online as it is the easiest way to explore the options. A well-formed website of your clinic or chamber will bring you a lot more patients than those without a website. A website works best for attracting new patients online. Make the website easy to reach and use to encourage patients.

Patient referral bonus system

To keep your name at the top of the current patients’ minds, encourage them to tell others about your services. This encouragement can be extra service or free service for each new patient. Or each new patient brought by the referral of an old patient can gain him some points he can use for services later. This way the number of patients coming your way will increase rapidly.

Running referral campaigns

You can also run a referral campaign in a more organized way to encourage referrals. Create a referral page on your website for those who are already your patients. Mention the bonus points and free service they might win by referring you to the people looking for a dentist. Try to spread the word through your social channels. You may also adopt some paid marketing tricks to make it reach a larger audience. However, always make your referral campaign a truly cross-platform one.

Create professional referral network

Professional referral network is a great way to get more patients for your dental practice. Attend various gatherings and programs of professionals. You can have deals with other professionals of referral exchange. Good professional relationship with physicians in other fields can get you many new patients through referrals. You can visit NetProReferral for easily creating a good professional referral network.

Dynamic social media strategy

Social media is a very good option to reach patients. Have professional accounts on different social media and update those often. Interactions with one potential patient on social media will gain you more patients by bringing you to their homepages. Besides, you should also keep updating your followers with updated info regarding oral health and wellbeing on your social channels.

Host events

Host online and real-life events on dental practices. You can offer free services for those who attend the program. They will eventually spread the word and you’ll gain more patients. Don’t forget to post the pictures of the event on social media. You can also attend events organized by other professionals. Through such events you will be able to meet new people and eventually enlarge your referral network. Hosting events for your referral network is also another great marketing idea for dentists.

Create authority through blogs

Have a professional blog online. Share your experiences and interact with the readers. Also, share your professional experiences for the new professionals. Keep updating your readers with updated oral health tips and knowledge. Through blogs, you will not only be able to engage your patients with you but also be able to increase your authority within the field of dentistry. And never forget to share your blogs on your social channels.  

Follow these marketing tips to attract more patients and you will most likely gain more patients in brief period of time.

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