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  • 09 Oct 2018

What Are the Five Stress Management Techniques?

stress management

With professional fields getting more competitive and family life getting challenged by various issues, stress and anxiety have now become a constant companion to our daily lives. Amid such strenuous situation, we are asking what are the strategies for managing stress and we are turning towards newer and scientifically proven ways of stress management.

Here, we will know how to manage stress through five scientifically proven, tried and tested stress management activities.

Reframe Perspective:

It is a normal tendency of the human mind to get fixed at the negatives whenever something stressful comes our way. But the trick is to look at the stressful occurrences in a positive or neutral way. Instead of getting wrapped by the automatic negative emotional response of the mind, we have to analyze the whole situation realistically and honestly to rule out the exaggerating negative emotions and find out the positive outcomes that may come out of the stressor. That way the stress will become a positive boost for overcoming all the hurdles on the way to become stress-free. Take help of critical thinking and hope to see multiple angles of the same situation to find out the best possible perspective and work with that best perspective and attitude. Practice this regularly to make it into a stress management fun activity.

Prudent Planning:

Another research-based proven stress management activity is prudently planning your work schedule and to-do list. Keep a detailed daily and weekly to-do list to keep yourself prepared for the stressors coming on your way. This way, you will be aware of the coming stressful work beforehand and will be able to internally manage them much efficiently.

Take a Break:

Whenever you are too much overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, take a deliberate break out of the stress. Remove yourself from the stressful external and internal environment for a time being and indulge in fun and enjoyable activities or whatever works for you. Some engage themselves with the hobbies they like others just sit or walk for relaxation. Even a 20 minutes break can help you being relaxed and getting new perspectives into stressors.


Growing body of research says that exercise not only benefits your body but mind too! Regular exercise will help you to build a strong mind to deal with stressful incidents effectively and smoothly. You will even don’t need to have an intense workout to reap the benefits. Only 15-20 minutes of free-hand exercise is enough to energize your mind and body and enable you to think clearly. You can just have a simple walking, running, swimming or dancing session as your daily exercise.


If done properly and regularly, meditation and mindfulness techniques are among the most effective stress management activities. So, whenever you are worried about how to manage stress, start meditating and becoming mindful right away. Meditation helps in increasing focus and to get newer perspectives into life and work. There are many ways to practice meditation but the most effective one is the breathing technique. Sit or lie down in a relaxing posture and simply focus on your breathing. Keep an unfaltering focus on inhalation and exhalation and try to let go of your negative and stressful emotions with each exhalation. Whenever your focus falters away with any thought or emotion, bring it back again on breathing and keep practicing this regularly. You can also do this practice during a stressful incident. Just take deep breaths, focus and relax. Everything will be all right.

Some Other Stress Management Activities:

Not everything works with everybody when it comes to stress management. So, apart from the above major stress management techniques, you can also try some other methods described below to find out the ones that work best with you.

● Smile to relax your facial muscles. Research has shown that our facial expressions and mind correspond with each other and much of our stress gets stored in our facial muscles. So, whenever faced with a stress, just smile and relax your facial muscles so that your mind too can get relaxed.

● Learn to Forgive. Much of our stress and anxiety comes from our inability to forgive ourselves and others. Whenever we or others make a mistake, we become rigid and become stressful. In such situation, stop and tell yourself to let go and move on as nothing will come out of being stressed about things gone by.

● Use gratitude and positive affirmation daily and whenever you are faced with a stressor. See all the good things you have in life and be grateful for them. Also, find out your good qualities and reaffirm those to yourself.

So, this is the answer to your question of what are the strategies for managing stress? Whenever you are faced with stress, try these stress management fun activities to get relaxed and focused.

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