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  • 19 Sep 2018


Business Influencer

In the past three years, we have witnessed a major buzzword called as industry influencers in the marketing sector. Whether it is the small company you talk about or the big one, everyone seems to use personal influencer marketing strategy as a tool to promote their brand.

The influencer marketing is truly a godsend, especially when people are turning a blind eye to pop-up ads and billboards. Since the strategy is strictly based on the consumer interaction, it’s a great deal to strengthen the brand awareness organically.

Who Are the Personal Influencers?

They are the regular people like me and you. However, what separates them from us is their ability to operate on a niche they hold great expertise in. They act as a trusted source of information and the counsellor for an organization.

They have the strong influence over fans and followers to attract them on the social media platform. A personal influencer’s job is to promote the brand and to widen its visibility. Not to mention, as a human being – you tend to validate other people’s opinion for taking decisions.

It is important for a business to look for the best influencers to promote their brand and services. Also, for the successful influencer marketing – a company requires a strategic plan. Here are some of the steps you can follow to find personal influencers and to promote your brand.

1. Define Customer Targeting and Goals Identification

Your marketing program is considered successful when you define your targeted market. This is a necessary step to aim at your customers and to narrow down the relevant specifics of your brand. Consequently, it enables you to weave a strategy to approach them through social media.

So, now that you have identified your targeted audience – the next step is to do the goal setting. State your goals thoroughly and clearly to the influencer.

2. Get the Appropriate and Excellent Influencers

Often, most of the entrepreneurs choose to go with the industry influencer based on just one criteria. If you are hiring an influencer just to get the popularity of your brand, you are making a mistake.

Just because someone has a huge list of followers, doesn’t mean they can encourage your brand awareness. The matter of fact is that some of them have a huge heap of bought-followers to fool around for advertisement sakes.

3. Monitor and Build a Good Rapport with Best Influencers to Market Your Brand

It is essential that you must follow and monitor an influencer’s everyday activity – before reaching out to them. By following this simple yet powerful tip, you will eventually understand if a particular influencer may or may not resonate with your targeted audience.

This is crucial to have an insight about, whether an influencer can align with your company’s goals. By allowing this to happen, you can build a good relationship with an influencer before opting for their services.

4. Make Sure You Are Hiring a Legit Influencer

This is the digital world we are living in where trends are evolving within a blink of an eye. Given that, people are over with the pop-up ads (as mentioned above) – an online influencer must look for more legit strategies to promote your brand.

Speaking of which, make sure you are hiring an expert influencer who knows not to do the excessive promotion through spamming. An endeavour such as this looks less credible and can affect your branding in not so productive way.

5. Look for an Influencer That Has the Ability to Truly Engage the Targeted Audience

The engagement refers to the number of shares, likes, and comments your post gets on the social media. For choosing a relevant online influencer, look for the one that truly engages the audience with their creative posts.

The legit one always has a consistent engagement rate. In layman terms, an excellent influencer has many followers who like, share, and comment on the shared posts consistently. On the contrary, someone with a million followers gets only a few hundred likes – does not make a deal.

6. How Far Your Influencer Can Go?

Some organizations are brand-awareness and visibility specific. If such is a case with your business, then reach of the influencer must be the important criteria for you. Therefore, the influencer with an enormous number of followers can help you in reaching towards your goal.

It is not hard for an experienced marketer to speculate the investment return, based on the reach of an influencer. Thus, it is fundamental to look for the reach of an influencer if your business is focused on the brand awareness.

Marketing strategies are evolving with time and influencers are becoming a huge deal to promote brands and services. It is crucial that you must look around and be specific about your brand’s needs first, before choosing an influencer. Hope through above-mentioned tips you got an idea about how to find a legit influencer to spread your brand awareness.

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