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  • 08 Dec 2017

What is Effective Networking?


You might have asked this question hundreds of time in your mind. But have you yet sorted out the answer to it? Well, let me tell you. Effective networking is having an attitude towards helping people you know and knowing more people to help as many people as you can. Yes, that’s the secret to having an effective networking strategy. It is all about in the attitude. You have to nurture an attitude of helping others. Then you will see that your connections, referral sources, leads and an actual number of referrals will gradually skyrocket.

Now let’s see how this attitude enables you to find out the best techniques to invite guests to your referral networking events and group meetings. Above all, how this attitude of helping others will impact on your effective networking strategies?

Here are some ways through which you will be able to successfully invite people to your referral group meetings, hence these are effective ways to build your referral network.

Just inviting someone directly to a networking event may seem like an invitation to a multi-level marketing meet up. Avoid that. It may seem like a burden to the person you are inviting. They may think that you are trying to take advantage of their contacts and lead base. Therefore, instead of directly inviting them to the event put forth an open offer to them after letting them know that there will be many business opportunities available for them in the meetup.

Tell them that you would like to introduce them to some people who might be great for them as referral sources. Tell them how it will be beneficial for them and let them know exactly who will be present there during the event. Also, make it clear how they will be able to help in many aspects of a business.

Tell them about some professionals who will be present at the meeting and might be able to help them in their business and you can connect them with. Let them know how getting to know people in your network will help them grow their own referral network and in turn enable them to expand their lead base.

Don’t just jump into inviting people without considering the situation and the environment you are in. If you are in a family set up where all the people are having family time then probably that might not be a good time to bring up business discussions.

While inviting someone to your referrals group meetings, approach with positivity. Ask about how they are doing with their business presently? Are they looking forward to business growth? Then show them the way to your networking event where there will be plenty of business opportunity for them. Besides, there will be so many new people whom would be able to help them in various ways.

Another issue is that when you are inviting through email or other such correspondences give focus on customization. Do not send the same message to everybody. Customize and personalize according to the person you are sending to get the most effective results. This is considered as one of the most effective networking strategies.

Thus, make it all about helping whom you are inviting and earnestly try to help everyone within your network. This is the most effective networking strategy.

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